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Seasonal allergies sure bother a lot of people when the spring time comes. They are usually followed by symptoms as sneezing, sensitive sinuses, itchiness and painful throat. The allergies are reaction to the increased concentration of pollen in the air. Pollen can also cause breathing problems and eye irritation in so many people.

But there are some hidden symptom of seasonal allergies are often misleading in diagnosing this health condition mostly because they are similar with symptoms of other disorders as colds, virus infections or PMS symptoms.

Seasonal allergies can be really serious condition so make sure you read through so you can recognize those hidden symptoms that will help you get proper care on time and stop further complications allergies can cause.



Weakness and tiredness
You feel weak, and you lack will for anything even walking. Muscle weakness and tiredness can also be linked to other diseases but it can also symptomize seasonal allergies. If besides being tired you didn’t manage to get enough sleep you may notice irritated eyes that are burning and tearing. It may be because you lack sleep and the tiredness or some allergen from the air.

Headache and cough
Headache is very common in spring mostly because it is linked to the so called spring tiredness as well as weather conditions that are constantly changing. But headache can also symptomize spring allergy. Pollen causes nasal congestion which is causing secretion to fill up the sinuses. From there the secretion is forming pressure on the frontal part of the head and it is causing headaches.  Pollen can also cause irritation in the throat that will result with cough. It is possible the cough to cause additional pressure in the head and worsen the headache. Even though these conditions are very similar to colds it is most likely that in spring they are indicating you have allergy.

Irritability and nervousness
In spring all the mucus membranes in our body are affected with allergens which may cause damages to it. Damages in the mucus membrane can result in breathing problems that will affect our sleep, cause insomnia, irritability concentration problems. When you are tired you may also feel angry or anxious without any cause. A lot can link this to PMS symptoms but they are actually a consequence of pollen from various spring flowers.

Allergies can cause various health complications and therefore you need to do something about it. Make sure you seek for proper medical health or if you decide to use natural remedies to soothe the symptoms of allergies then make sure to try this amazing juice.


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