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As losing weight is obsession to some people others are constantly trying to get some weight so that they can have their healthy and fit body.

Before you even think about trying synthetic products that are promoting weight gain try some completely natural ways that will definitely help you get to your goal.

Even though trans fats, fast food, French fries and carbonated drinks are what will make you gain weight fast, that is not healthy weight and that kind of nutrition can also lead to health disorders.

When you are trying to gain weight your meal should be bigger and it needs to contain 20 % fats, 30 % protein and 50 % of carbohydrates.

We have here some interesting ideas that can help you achieve your wanted weight.


Start eating red meat
Red meat is rich in protein as well as iron but it also contains cholesterol that is beneficial for weight gain. Best choice of red meat for you is beef and by adding some olive oil it will definitely be healthy meal that will gain you some extra kilograms. What you need to avoid is combination of red meat with products that contain a lot of saturated fats because it is not the healthy option.

Make peanut butter your regular
Peanut butter is packed with fats and protein and besides that a tablespoon is around100 calories. It is also rich in beneficial vitamins and minerals as vitamin B and E as well as magnesium, folic acid. Spread thick layer on a piece of whole grain bread for healthy and caloric breakfast that will speed up the weight gain process.

Start buying whole milk
One of the simplest ways to gains some extra weight is to replace the low fat with whole milk. Whole milk will help you get 60 extra calories per glass. Besides milk is rich in vitamin D and A as well as nutrients that are beneficial for your health and not just empty calories. You can mix it with breakfast cereal or just drink a glass, it is healthy choice.

Eat tropical fruits

Eat fruits like banana, papaya and pineapple  because they can also help you get some weight. They are rich in natural sugars that are good for your health. They will keep you full and energized during longer period. Other fruits are also beneficial and you can add here fruit smoothies

Have avocado every day
Half avocado is 140 calories and it is rich in healthy fats. It also contains vitamin E as well as folic acid and potassium. No matter how you are going to eat it, An avocado a day will help you gain those kilos you desire so much.

Whole grain bread
Add whole grain bread to your diet because it can add few healthy calories to your diet plan. This kind of bread will give you fiber, minerals and nutrients, and if you add it to your breakfast you will fast get healthy weight.

Spread butter on bread
Butter is high in calories and it will definitely be rich nutritious breakfast if you spread it on a toast. To increase your calorie intake add some butter to your sandwich of fry your eggs on it. As much as you will enjoy butter have in mind that it is very high in calories and is rich in saturated fats.

Nuts as snacks
Nuts are the best healthy way for high calorie healthy snacks. They are rich in omega 3 fats and beneficial nutrients as well as fiber. Carry packs of different kinds of nuts with you. They will keep you full for long time and give you the extra healthy weight you need.

Start loving cheese
Most of the cheese kinds are rich in calories and every other nutrient that you need if you want to gain weight. You can add it to your meals, or eat sticks of cheese as snacks. It will sure help you get to the goal you have.

As much potato as possible
We sure all love potato but it is high in carbs and therefore it is not recommended to people that suffer from overweight. But when you need some weight on potato is good choice because it can give you all those carbohydrates you need on your plate and also good amount of protein, fiber and vitamin C.


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