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Summer is coming and most of us is desperate to lose the extra weight they gained during winter and bring the body to good shape.

Most people even risk their health in order to achieve some results. But not will you only harm the health of your organism but you will also risk your goal.

Some think that skipping a meal after a workout will do your body a favor because your meal will easily ruin the force that you put into your training but you are so wrong.

Although you are trying to achieve best results in short time and it is hard for most people to find that extra 30 minutes in the buildup schedules but skipping your meals will not help you.

The most important thing to know is that if you want to see the results eventually you mustn’t sabotage on yourself. Listen to your body and it needs because you are exposing it to unusual effort.

Half an hour after a workout your body needs to be treated with protein and carbohydrate balanced meal so that you can help it restore the energy it lost during the workout as well as repair damages that you exposed your muscles to.

People that are trying to lose weight usually ignore the expert advices trying to speed up the process. Skipping your meals will make you exercise without energy. You will lose more calories than your organism got from the food you ate and it can lead to injuries of all kind.

During the workout your body loses electrolytes and minerals that need to be restored. If you did easier exercises then your body will need less minerals comparing to harder exercise where you lose a lot of sweat and with it electrolytes. No matter how intense your workout was the fact is you lost essential elements as sodium, calcium and potassium and you need food to bring them to the normal level. You also lost a lot of energy you can restore with carbohydrates rich food.


And no, we didn’t forget water. It is the most important for instant regeneration of the organism after intensified sweating. It is important to drink water right after your workout so that you restore the lost liquids as well as minerals and electrolytes.  When your body relaxes a little and calms down, about 30 minutes after you end your workout give your body food it desperately needs. Don’t worry the food will not store more fat but you will only give your body energy.

If you can’t have real meal after you finish the workout make sure you at least eat a smart meal in a form of yogurt, banana, piece of cheese that will help the process of recovery and regeneration of your body.

Skipping meals will cause serious health disorders. You can build muscles up only with exercise, you will also need proper food. Avoiding to give your tired body food you are increasing the risk vertigo up tp serious cases of arrhythmia.


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