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Almost every woman is wishing for longer, fuller and beautiful lashes. Even though lashes are something we can blame genetics for, there are few ways we can improve their quality naturally.

There is a cycle for regeneration of lashes which happens every 4 to 8 weeks and it is when one lashes fall out and others grow.  But there are some periods when the lashes start to fall out intensively. It can be caused by various conditions such as the quality of mascara you are using, the ways you are using to remove the eye makeup, especially mascara, the kind of curler and the way you are using it.

Even though almost every leading cosmetic line offers lashes regenerating products you also have natural alternatives which are cheaper and without any side effects.

We have here one natural serum that will improve and speed up the grow of your eye lashes. You can also use it on the eye brows since those hairs are almost similar, if you want to make them thicker, or change their shape.



To prepare this natural serum you need castor oil and lemon peel. Take one lemon and peel of the skin. Leave it to dry on air for several hours. Chop the lemon skin on small pieces and put a teaspoon of chopped lemon peel in a glass container. Pour over 20 ml of castor oil. Cover the container with a lid and leave it for 3-5 days and then remove the peels. this is when you have your serum ready for use.


It is recommended to use the serum at night when your make up is completely removed. Don’t apply it on the eye lid just on the lashes. Best thing to apply it is ear bud. HOME REMEDY FOR NATURALLY LONGER LASHES

Apply small amounts in the root of the lashes as well as through whole length. You can also use your old mascara brush that you washed and it doesn’t have mascara traces on it. Don’t put the serum on the skin because it will irritate it. Same way you can use the serum on the eye brows. When you use the serum every day you notice improvement in the way your lashes look and regenerate.

Even though the serum is completely natural and without chemicals added you shouldn’t use it if you have eye infection or you are allergic to any of the components.


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