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Have you ever experienced the feeling when your mouth is so dry so that anything you can think of at that moment is water? You think that you are so thirsty but it is not thirst dry mouth is about.

Dry mouth is a condition that will occur when your organism lowers the amount of saliva that it produces. Although it doesn’t seem like some kind of serious problem, if you don’t solve it on time it will cause variety of health complications.


First thing you need to do is determine the cause that is behind the problem. In some cases dry mouth can be a side effect of some medication that reduces secretion of saliva. It can also be caused by chemotherapy in patients that suffer from cancer in the neck and head area. Hormonal imbalance is also linked with dry mouth and it is also symptom of depression as well as stress. Dry mouth can also occur as a result of dehydration. It is also a result of bad hygiene, disease as diabetes, anemia, arthritis or rheumatism.



Since most of our body is made of water it is very important to drink plenty of water so that our organism doesn’t feel dehydrated. When the organism is dehydrated we feel our lips and mouth dry and then the throat also dries. Dehydration is dangerous condition therefore to avoid it make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Good quality mouth wash will help you with the problem of dry mouth. Talk to your doctor and it will help you to choose the best one. It will not only resolve the problem with dry mouth and it will also prevent your teeth for spoiling.

Chewing gum
Chewing gum can also help you with dry mouth. What you need to be careful about is to chose a gum that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and is sugar free. Besides solving the problem with dry mouth chewing gum will also refresh your breath.

Fluoride toothpaste
Try changing your toothpaste especially if you are using it for longer period. When you are buying toothpaste make sure it contains fluoride. Brush your teeth twice a day and you will soon see the changes.

Wash off with oil
Washing off your mouth with coconut oil will definitely solve a lot of problems that go on in your oral cavity as well as the dryness in your mouth because it will normalize the pH in your mouth.

Breathe through your nose
There are a lot of people that breathe through their mouth and it is not the right way mostly because your oral cavity becomes dry. Breathing through your nose you will prevent dryness in the oral cavity.

No sour food
Food that is sour has the tendency to dry your oral cavity. It also causes bloating in your stomach. Replace sour and greasy food with fresh organic food and you wouldn’t feel symptoms of dry mouth again.

Alcohol and caffeine
Drinking big amounts of alcohol can dry your mouth besides other harmful effects they have on your health. Big amounts of caffeine will do the same. Removing alcohol and caffeine from your diet are one of the most efficient ways to solve the problem with dry mouth.

Fresh juice
Replace a glass of alcohol or a cup of coffee with a glass of fresh fruit made from vitamin C rich fruits. Fresh juice is one of the best ways to prevent and also treat the problem of dry mouth.

Plants for dry mouth
Nature usually has the best treatment for your health problems. Chewing anise seeds can solve the problem of dry mouth and at the same time refresh your breath. You can also use fenugreek as well as it mixture with anise.


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