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Our body is a complex mechanism and every part of it is linked. When something is not working as it should the body is signaling it by sending us signs so that it will warn us.

Every organ deserves proper care and it needs proper attention but even if it has our proper care, our organs can fail. It is very important to notice the signs and get proper medical care so that the disorder can be solved fast.

There are some signs that indicate problems with intimate health in women which are usually unnoticed and not taken seriously and then can be cause of serious diseases.

You can use signals your vagina is sending so that you can determine if there is something wrong with its health and provide proper care for this organ.


Dryness and irritation
If you are in the pre menopause period this can be a very serious sign. During menopause this symptoms can be followed with scaly skin in the intimate area as well as painful intercourse. It is important to see your doctor if you are dealing with some of these symptoms, especially because during menopause some very serious disorders can be mixed with these symptoms.

Healthy vagina has its own characteristic smell, but if there is something going on with it you will usually notice secretion that follows. If you notice fish like smell along with transparent secretion, it may indicate you have bacterial vaginosis. It usually occurs as a result of multiplication of bacteria and imbalanced pH of the vagina and is a condition that is very easy to treat. If the smell is unpleasant and strong and followed with greenish secretion it is probably because of some kind of sexually transmitted disease and you need to go and get tested immediately.

Itchiness and unusual discharge
If you notice yellow or white vaginal discharge followed with itchiness it may be a sign of yeast infection. This can be caused by imbalance of pH of the vagina, synthetic underwear, antibiotic therapy, unhealthy diet rich in sugar. Yeast infection is a condition that can easily be solved with adding pro-biotics and water to your healthy diet.

Burning feeling during urination
This condition may be caused can be caused by urinary infections, but in other cases it can be as a result of intercourse. It is a condition that requires medical intervention and it is necessary to see your doctor soon.

You can’t  apply tampon
In some woman painful intercourse is psychological problem, but if you get to the point that applying a tampon is painful to you then it may be a condition called imperforation. This is genital disorder where there is additional tissue around vaginal entrance that prevents penetration and causes pain. It is a problem that requires surgery intervention.

Painful blisters
If you notice blisters on your intimate area and they are followed with some kind of pain it is usually herpes and it is when you need to go see a doctor immediately.

Bleeding outside menstruation
Signs of blood outside your menstrual cycle may be a sign of hormonal imbalance that is usually caused by contraception or stress. Bleeding outside menstruation is an early sign of pregnancy. If you notice bleeding after intercourse then it points to cervical cancer. Whatever the cause may be, this is a sign that shouldn’t be ignored and it is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Frequent infections
You should know that if you are dealing with various kinds of infections such as bacterial, yeast, or urinary infections then your vagina maybe needs better care. Try to get rid of stress, balance your nutrition and improve your intimate life. This problem will usually disappear on its own but you need to make those slight changes.


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