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Pancreas is one of the most vital organs in human body that is responsible for healthy and normal functioning of the whole organism. The important functions are in producing alkaline pancreas juices enzymes that help digestion of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Other function of pancreas is to improve the secretion of insulin and glucons.

This organ can also be affected in his work and affected by cancer cells. Pancreas cancer is one of the 4 most deadly forms of cancer people deal with. As any other form of cancer, it is important to diagnose it in early stages so that it can be properly treated. Among the most affected groups are older people over 60 years of age, but statistics show that it can also affect people younger than 30.

Pancreas cancer is very hard to diagnose in early stages because of the position of the organ which makes it hard to discover the cancer doing routine checkup. Some of the symptoms that show in early stages are ignored or linked to other disorders.

Therefore it is important to know the main symptoms that occur in early stage of pancreas cancer and react on time.


Yellow skin and eyes
If you notice color of your eyes or skin becoming yellow there can be 3 main reasons to this: alcoholism, liver disorder or pancreas cancer. Most kinds of pancreas cancers start to grow in the upper part of the organ and they block the gallbladder channel which is the reason of the yellow skin color. Don’t ignore this symptom; see a specialist as soon as possible if by any chance you experience this symptom.

Prolonged bloating

You know the feeling of bloating after you have a large meal. Well when that same feeling lasts for more days it is something that you shouldn’t look past to. This is one of the first symptoms women usually notice but they don’t call for help because bloating is also symptom that is linked with pregnancy in the 4th month and it is often misleading symptom.

Your favorite dessert makes you sick
Loss of appetite is one of the main symptoms of pancreas cancer. As the cancer grows it stars to build pressure to other organs and it can also affect the stomach. This results with weakness and feeling you are overeating after just small amount of food. So if you get the feeling that your  favorite desert, the one you always looked forward to  is going to make you sick, then go and see your doctor so that the cause can be determined.

Losing weight
Loss of appetite can result in significant weight loss which is also another signal to you that you need to see your doctor.

Lower back pain
Pancreas tumor can also cause pressure on the spine and the backbone as well as the muscles around. If you start feeling constant pain in the lower back go see your doctor before you try to solve the case with pain killing medication.


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