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We are living in time when stress is present all around us. It is a cause of various health problems and disorders and it is definitely lowering the quality of life.

Some of us find it best to use medication to deal with stress but that is completely unnecessary and followed with a high number of side effects.

You will probably be surprised when we tell you that one simple clothespin can easily remove stress and tension away, you just need to put it on your ear.

Clothespin is something we all have in our home, but we didn’t even notice it until we need to put washed clothes to dry. But they can be very important part of your way to get rid of stress.

But putting the clothespin on different parts of the ear can also help in various health problems with our body. We are using the clothespin so that we don’t have to use the fingers directly to apply some level of pressure on certain part of the ear. According to science, our ears are so rich with nerve endings that connect with certain points in the central nervous system. Applying some level of pressure on those points will help to get rid of health condition on various parts in our body.PUT A CLOTHESPIN ON YOUR EAR FOR 20 SECONDS. THE RESULTS WILL SURPRISE YOU


You need a comfortable chair that you will seat in and position well. Take a clothespin and place it on your earlobe. Leave it on for 5 seconds and then remove it to the next point.

You can also do the procedure by massaging the certain points in your ear starting from the earlobe. Massage it gently pulling it down slowly without causing any pain. Then continue to the next point.

There are points on the ear that are linked to body organs see how.

Point 1 –the highest part of the ear is directly linked to your back and shoulders. If you apply some pressure on this spot for a minute it will help you get rid of the tension in these parts of the body.

Point 2- it is a point linked with inner organs. If you feel some kind of discomfort inside or you are too sensitive to something put the clothespin on point number 2 and you will feel relief.

Point 3-any kind of joint pain and stiffed joints will soon be soothed if you put some pressure on  it.

Point 4- this point on your ear is connected with the sinus and throat. Apply clothespin on this point and it will help sinus, congestion as well as sore throat.

Point 5- this part of the ear is linked to digestion. If you place the clothespin on this point it will reduce stomach pain and improve digestion. Applying some level of pressure on this point can also prevent any kind of stomach pain and discomfort.

Point 6- this point is connected to the heart and head. You will improve the health of your heart and reduce headache or migraine as well as stress if you put clothespin on this part of the ear.


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