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Healthy, strong and beautiful hair is probably your best accessory. Every woman wishes for beautiful hair but most of them usually have many problems to achieve the goal. There are so many hair problems a lot of us are dealing with which significantly lower the quality of our hair. Dandruff, oily scull increased hair fall are some of the most common hair problems.

There are so many people that spend fortune on hair products to solve these problems. But what if we told you that there is a completely natural and cheap way to solve the problem with increased hair loss and make your hair thick, healthy and shinny again.

The solution is in one simple product-yeast. Natural homemade hair mask based on yeast will be the perfect solution for your hair, because it will help you get rid of dandruff, stop the intense falling out of the hairs and improve hair grow. It will make your hair shinny, healthy and strong.

How to prepare yeast hair mask


Put a tablespoon of warm milk in a pot and add a teaspoon of honey. Mix until the honey dissolves in the warm milk. Then add 20 grams of fresh yeast. Mix and leave it on for 20 minutes for the yeast to start fermenting and rise. After the yeast started fermenting add one egg yolk and mix well until the mass becomes smooth and compact. Apply the mask on clean and still wet hair. Cover with plastic bag and a towel and leave it on for an hour. Then wash off with warm water and small amount of conditioner.


You can make variations of yeast based hair mask by adding different ingredient. Some of the most beneficial ingredients for your hair are castor, olive or coconut oil, yogurt or aloe Vera juice. What is important to know when you are using yeast hair masks is that the hair needs to be wet so that you can make perfect conditions for the yeast to grow and ferment. This way the concentration of vitamins, minerals and protein increases and they are absorbed in the follicle of the hairs. You will sense characteristic smell during the time your mask is on the hair but it will disappear after you wash off the hair and it is completely dry.

How to use yeast hair mask

Yeast hair mask can be used as prevention for hair fall and to speed up the hair grow once a week, up to 15 treatments. Then it is necessary to make minimum 3 months break before you repeat the treatment.

You can also use the mask as a remedy for hair loss and to strengthen and renew the hair. Use it 2 times a week for maximum 8 weeks. If necessary you can repeat the treatment after 3 months break.


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