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There are so many people that are having problems controlling their appetite and proving the feeling of satiety that will prevent eating all the extra food and getting weight.

Experts in this field have conducted various researches and discovered few natural ways that will help you to control the appetite naturally and to get rid of all the extra weight that you are fighting with. Do some changes and make sure you adopt some of these habits that we are sure will help if you are dealing with increased appetite.

An apple 30 minutes before a meal is perfect because it will give you that feeling of satiety which means you will eat less. Apples contain negative calories, which mean your body spends more calories digesting them then you eat with one apple. Apples are also rich in fiber and water which makes them the perfect snack.

Only ½ avocado with lunch or after it will keep you full for the rest of the afternoon. Some studies show that people that practice this tip feel fuller 25% from other that don’t, and have less chance to rich out for a snack during the day. FOOD THAT WILL HELP YOU CONTROL YOUR APPETITE

Rich in healthy fats, fiber and protein, almonds can reduce the feeling of hunger as well as regulate the metabolism and the level of sugar in the blood which is the main reason you feel hungry.

Cucumbers are rich in water and low in calories and are perfect weight loss product. They stimulate the production of hormone that signals the brain that you are full and that way you will not eat more than you should. Besides fresh cucumbers, pickles are also good for digestion and work as pro biotic.

Chili peppers
Capsaicin is the main beneficial compound from chili peppers that has the ability to speed up the metabolism. It also helps controlling the appetite. Only by adding ¼ of teaspoon of chill to your meal you will eat less, feel fuller and eat 25 percent less calories during the rest of the day.

Dark chocolate
Believe it or not dark chocolate has amazing health benefits. Besides good choice of a desert, it is proven that it can help you control the appetite, especially when you eat some before your main meal.

Legumes as beans, lentils or chickpeas are rich in protein, fiber as well as vitamins B as well as antioxidants. Protein is beneficial because it will keep you full for long time. As studies show people that eat these legumes are 30 % fuller than people that eat other food with same caloric value.  This is the main reason these legumes are perfect diet food.

Oatmeal can prolong the feeling of satiety that we all need to stay away from food. Compared to other cereal with same caloric value, you will fill fuller 2 more hours after you eat oatmeal. It is rich in protein and fiber and it will fill up bigger place in your stomach.

Studies show that soup is perfect way to start a lunch. A bowl of soup is low in   calories and rich in vitamins and minerals and most important thing is that soup will make you eat up to 20 percent less food for lunch because it will fill up most of the space in your stomach and you will not be able to eat more.

You may feel hungry but many times it is because you are thirsty. Thirst and hunger have similar symptoms therefore make sure you drink a glass of water first thing you get a hunger attack. Wait 10 minutes and the feeling of hunger may pass away.

Whey is packed with protein and it makes it the best thing to give you the feeling of satiety for long period. Whey can be found in many dairy products and it also can be found on its own. Researches show that people that drink whey take 18 percent less calories two hours after the main meal.


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