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Healthy and strong bones and joints are essential for healthy active life to middle aged as well as to older people. People that have strong bones are at lower risk of fractures as well as osteoporosis in the older age.

Osteoporosis is a disease when the bone tissue loses it quality and becomes fragile and breakable. There are more causes of the disease and it doesn’t have any clear symptoms, but it can cause serious complications as fractures of the hip bones or compressive fractures of the spine. Osteoporosis is a disease that affects half of women world population over 50 years of age and a quarter of male population over 55 years of age.


Our body needs nutrients every day and the best way to supply it is through healthy and balanced nutrition. Bone health and strength are determined by diet rich in vitamins and minerals, mostly calcium and vitamin D. The amount of calcium and vitamin D changes with age and condition our body is in but the strength of our bones depends on it.  Food we eat daily is the best source of vitamins and minerals so make sure you add these foods to your daily diet so that you can have strong and healthy bones.

Green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are amazing source of minerals that are vital for density of bone tissue and healthy bones. Green vegetables are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron that are essential for bone health. Some of the best choices are kale, Brussels sprouts, collards, Chinese cabbage and watercress.  Spinach and chard are also rich in calcium but they also contain high amount of oxalates that may prevent calcium absorption.


Food that is rich in protein helps build strong and healthy bones. Add food that is high in protein to your daily diet. Some of the best choices are turkey and chicken breast, fish, cheese, eggs, milk, tofu, soy milk, beans, nuts and seeds. Whey is also one of the foods that is high in protein.  Protein has the building role in our body and the recommended daily need is 0,8 grams to kg of body mass.

Whole grain

Healthy and balanced nutrition also needs proper amount of complex carbohydrates to give our body the energy it needs to function. When you add these nutrients the body can use the protein to build up and strengthen the bone and muscle tissue. Best food sources of complex carbohydrates are brown rice, oats, corn flour, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat. These whole grain cereal are rich in magnesium that improves calcium absorption and is also mineral vital for healthy bones.

Fatty acids

The healthy fats or the fatty acids are also vital for healthy and most of all strong bones. Fish oil is vital as well as fatty fish as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardine and trout should be at your menu at least 2 times a week.

Don’t drink

Alcohol has the tendency to affect the absorption and the total amount of calcium in your body. The bones become porous because they will not get enough calcium, and because the body gets lower amounts of calcium it will also use the one that is stored in bones which will also worsen the condition of the bones. People that drink a lot are more at risk of fractures and nerve damages because their bones are fragile.


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