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Vitamin D has very important role in the functioning of the human organism. It main role is to keep the balance of calcium in the organism, and it also plays important role in the building of the immune system as well as the secretion of insulin.

But this is not all. Vitamin D also can help lower the level of LDL cholesterol, protect the heart and cardiovascular system, prevents diabetes, lowers risk of colon, breast and skin cancer, prevents rickets, osteoporosis, treats male fertility, depression and also protects the teeth and the eyes.

Even though vitamin D is important for good health there is enormous number of people that are dealing with deficiency of this mineral without even being aware of it. FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT VITAMIN D

The body will send signals so you can notice if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency, but if you still aren’t sure then see your doctor that will run a test so you can do everything to supply your body with the needed amount of this essential vitamin.

Vitamin D deficiency as health problem

Deficiency of vitamin D can cause serious damages to your health. it is involved in functioning of 200 genes and it is vital for grow and development of the body. Vitamin D is also included in building up of the immune system, and in preventing heart diseases, neurological disorders and cancer and is also key in prevention of damages in the bone tissue.  Best source of vitamin D is sunlight. There are not so many food sources that can help you supply your body with this vitamin. Therefore it is important to spend time out in the sun every single day.

75% of world population suffers from vitamin D deficiency

It may sound strange but it is true. Even though sunlight is the main source of vitamin D the number of people that are deficient is huge. some of the risky groups are people that seat a lot and spend most of the day inside, people living on the southern hemisphere, people with darker skin color, people that always protect themselves from sun, older people, obese people, people that suffer from digestive disorders and pregnant women.

Weakness and lack of energy as main symptoms

If you feel tired most of the time, you are in a bad mood or deal with other symptoms similar to depression there is a chance you are deficient on vitamin D. some other symptoms that you can link your condition to are increased sweating, muscle weakness, frequent pain, winter linked depression caused of lack of sunlight. But have in mind that these symptoms are also linked to other diseases, so do a checkup to determine the real reason behind them.

Supply your body with vitamin D

Make sure you spend 15 minutes a day on sunlight.  Don’t apply protective creams on your skin because it will prevent the absorption of this vitamin. If you think you can’t spend enough time on sunlight you will need some supplements to give your body as much vitamin D as it needs. Use vitamin D3 because it is what our body is producing when exposed to sunlight. Take it with healthy fats because vitamin D3 is water soluble vitamin and the body needs proper amount of fats to absorb it. Vitamin D2 is synthetic kind of vitamin D and we don’t recommend it use.


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