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Cholesterol is a group of lipids that looks like yellowish substance. It can be found in all kinds of meat, milk eggs etc. there are 2 main groups of cholesterol: LDL that is also known as the bad and HDL that we know as good cholesterol.

Even though it is proven that saturated fats from food have the greater ability to rise the level of cholesterol in the blood we need to limit the foods that contain cholesterol in our diet or replace them with so called healthy fats.

Cholesterol is risky nutrient because it increases the chance of arteriosclerosis but from the other side, it is important for proper functioning of our organism. If you completely remove lipids from your nutrition and stick to just unsaturated fatty acids, then the balance between the good  and the bad cholesterol will break and your organism will be at risk. To keep the healthy balance between these two kinds of cholesterol keep in mind that lipids should not be more than 30% of all the food that you eat, and saturated fats lower than 10 percent. Limit the cholesterol intake to maximum 300 mg a day.



Egg yolk
One egg contains a little over 212 mg of cholesterol while egg yolk alone has 210. This makes egg yolk a food that is very high in cholesterol and it needs to be limited to maximum 4 eggs a week including the eggs you use for preparation of other meals.

Liver is the place when cholesterol is synthesized therefore it is necessary to limit the amount of animal liver you use in your nutrition. 100 grams of liver contains around 565 milligrams of cholesterol which is about 190% over the recommended daily needs.

Sea food

Even though we consider them healthy, sea foods contain high amounts of cholesterol. 100 grams of scampi contains around 200 mg of cholesterol while just one shrimp is 11 mg. every single piece of sea food is very high in cholesterol and therefore you need to limit their amount in your daily diet.

Chicken meat contains lower amount of fats, but chicken thigh with skin contains more cholesterol than hamburger or a cup of ice cream. Chicken breast from the other side is low in cholesterol if you remove the skin during cooking.

Cheese is very good source of calcium and protein but it also is high in cholesterol. 100 grams of brie cheese has 100 mg of cholesterol, emmenthal cheese 92 mg and Parmesan 80 mg of cholesterol.

Red meat
Red meat is also very high in cholesterol and it is good to replace it with white meat. A serving of 85 grams of veal contains 93 mg, lamb 78 mg and pork 77 milligrams of cholesterol.

Fast food
Any kind of fast food that you put on your plate is over 50% of recommended daily amount of cholesterol. Limit this kind of food or replace it with healthier choices as white meat, fish and fresh vegetables and fruits.


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