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Nail biting is a habit that is literally affecting huge number of people. According to some researches about 30 % of children, 45% of adolescent, 25 % grownups and 5 % of old people are compulsive nail bitters.

No matter what the cause is, it is very hard to get rid of this nasty habit.  Some of the most common causes of nail biting are stress, anxiety, boredom and it is also linked with depression. Some people say that it is a habit that they can control and they are biting their nails consciously, while others do it completely unconsciously.

Ugly and bitten nails are not the only thing that this ugly habit can cause; it can also cause serious health problems and disorders that are really dangerous.


Our nails are perfect place for gathering and multiplication of pathogen bacteria. People that are biting their nails those bacteria can easily go inside the oral cavity and get inside the organism and cause infections that can be dangerous.

Nail infections
Nail biters are at risk of inflammation and infection on the area around the nail that can be irritated, swollen, and painful and with pus. The bacteria that are on the nails can easily go in the body through the wounds around the nails.


Warts caused by HPV are very common in children that bite their nails. Those warts can easily be transferred on other body parts such as mouth if the child is constantly biting the nails.

Teeth problems
Biting nails may cause upper teeth to move out of their natural place. Bacteria that are on the nails may be transferred to your teeth; they can lose their strength and decay.



If you are addicted to this habit, stopping can be harder than you think. There are some tricks that can help you stop and if you are persistent you can succeed.

Determine the cause
It is important to determine the cause of your habit so that it is easier to quit it. if you are exposed to stress, you are biting nails while you watch TV or work on the computer, then engage in some other activity so that you can remove the cause of this habit.

Cover your nails
It may seem strange and you may not enjoy it, but if your nails are covered with sticky tape or bandages you will not bite them. Make sure you replace the bandages at least twice a day so that you prevent yeast and bacterial infections from them.

Keep your nail short and trim and put nail polish.

Busy hands
Make sure your hands are busy. Engage in various activities that will keep you away from putting your nails in your mouth and biting them.

Home remedies
Cover your nails and fingertips with Tabasco sauce, chili peppers, mixture of clove and garlic, or soak them in lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Some believe that if you place something that doesn’t taste pleasant on your nails it will prevent you from putting them in your mouth.


You can use natural oils to care for skin around the nails as well as the nails. Castor oil is one that is believed can prevent biting nails.

When you use hot and sour things on the nails, be careful not to touch you eyes, and also be careful around kids and pets.

Supply yourself with fresh carrots and celery so that you keep your teeth busy with healthy ingredients.

If your skin around the nails is damaged don’t use sour and hot things on them, cover them with bandages instead.


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