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Lupus is auto immune disease that occurs when our immune system becomes hyperactive and starts to attack healthy tissue. The immune system loses the ability to make a difference between antigens and healthy cells and it starts destroying them.

90 percent of people that suffer from lupus are women in the ages between 15 and 45 years.

The cause of the disease is not yet well cleared, even though it is believed that it has to do with genetics. Lupus is also a disease that can t be cured, and what we can do is to make effort to relieve some of the symptoms.

Lupus is a disease that is not easy to diagnose, because the symptoms are not clear and they can vary in different patients. Listed below we have some of the most common symptoms of lupus.



Face rash
A characteristic rash on the face that spreads over the nose and on the area around the eyes so it forms a butterfly is a symptom that is linked to lupus. The rash may also appear on other sides of body as well as scull.

Joint pain
Joint pain is one of the first symptoms of lupus and it affects more than 70 percent of people suffering from it. joint pain is also a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis. The only difference is that in lupus patients the pain may vary in both parts of the body.

Chest pain
Lupus can attack the membranes of the lungs which causes swelling this is frequently followed with heavy breathing and chest pain.


Problems and complications with kidneys are most common symptom of lupus. There are cases when the kidneys are attacked and destroyed so fast patient needs dialysis or transplantation as soon as possible.

 Mental health
This symptom is not that common in lupus but there are cases that it is present. Some patients suffer from headache; they become confused and also suffer from mild psychological conditions that make the disease hard to diagnose. The hardest cases are when lupus attacks the central nervous system.

There are cases of lupus when the blood cells are attacked and this condition may cause anemia which is also considered as one of more common signs of lupus.

Tiredness is really link to every possible disease and also lupus. If you are suffering from tiredness that is literally preventing you to start living normally then  it really is time to see your doctor,

Body temperature
Lupus is a disease that goes through phases, first is when the disease is calm and the other when it is expanding, during this period increased body temperature is very common symptom.

 Sudden weight loss
You lose weight but without trying and it can be linked with very serious disorders. When the immune system attacks itself then thyroid gland is not functioning well and it hormones lose balance which shows in sudden changes in body weight.


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