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You need to agree that sugar is probably one of the fastest ways to improve your mood and energize. But you need to know that once you adopt this as a habit you will start to reach after more sweets because it amount in the blood lowers fast and the organism just keeps asking for more.

Sugar is according to a lot of people one of the most harmful foods that we could eat, but it is not quite true. As every other nutrient, our body also needs sugar, and before you completely cut it off of your nutrition there you need to know some facts about it and definitely how much sugar will be enough.


You can eat it daily
Sugar does have positive effects on some body functions. It is important to keep the level of serotonin on normal. So if your pancreas is healthy and your blood sugar level as well as your weigh is normal then you can eat one desert daily and it sure will benefit your health.


Sugar can be hidden
White crystal sugar that we see daily is not the only form of sugar there is. Even though it is very easy to notice, there are over 30 types of sugar that you eat daily with products as processed food that you are not even aware of. Some kinds as corn syrup, rice or barley sugar are usually well hidden on the food labels.

It can be harmful
If your daily diet is 2000 calories, healthy amount of sugar that you will eat is 200 calories or 15 grams. If you eat more sugar than this it can be as harmful as smoking. Sugar affects the immune system, causes inflammations and increases the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Sweeteners are also bad
Some of the sweeteners that are offered as an alternative to sugar that are natural and organic can have the same effect as sugar. But they are concentrated so they will increase the sensitivity to sweets and it will make you eat more sugar. The same thing is with the products that are labeled light or sugar free.

Fruit also contains sugar
Same as honey or chocolate, fruits also contain sugar that can harm your health. therefore eat the fruit in tiny portions and don’t exaggerate especially with watermelon, banana or pineapple that contain higher amounts of sugar.

You can lower the amount of sugar you eat
This is one of the easiest things you can do for your health. Reduce the amount of processed sweets, and the sugar you add to your desserts. Replace the sugar with honey, cinnamon or vanilla it will have amazing effect on your weight as well as your health.


Scientific researches show that people that are used to consuming higher amounts of sugar are at risk of heart diseases and diabetes. This is more intense if you are consuming the so called hidden sugar. It is also proven that if you are eating too much sugar you can also harm your blood vessels because if you are used to constant sugar spikes you can also suffer from increased level of LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and apolipoprotein-B that cause sediment in arteries.

As the researches show most of people today eat more than 22 teaspoons of sugar a day and younger even more but the amount of sugar that you should never go over is 25 grams of sugar which is 6 teaspoons a day for women and 9 teaspoons for man.

So now that you know how much sugar is too much, try not to go over the amount because it will seriously damage your health.


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