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Every organ in our body has its own unique function and every single one of them needs proper care so that it can stay healthy and function without any problems.

The health and good shape of our reproductive organs is as important as the health of every other one is. Therefore you need to give them proper care and improve their condition.

Every woman that wants to improve the health of her vagina needs to know that there is simple and completely natural ways to do that.

Vaginal muscle, same as every other muscle in the body can suffer from your lifestyle. Bad nutrition, lack of exercise, pregnancy and child birth can cause the muscle to weaken and stretch, this may cause your vagina to lose the good shape, health and lower the libido.


Kegel exercise
Same as every single body muscle, vaginal muscle can be easily strengthened, using exercise. Kegel exercise is perfect way to tone vaginal muscle, strengthen it and is recommended to women after childbirth.

First try to feel the vaginal muscle by trying to tighten it. It should look the same as when you are trying to withhold urination, but don’t press over your stomach. When you feel the muscle tightened, hold on for few seconds and then let go. Repeat this exercise 25 times every morning and evening. Slowly start increasing the number of repetitions and hold the muscle tightened for longer. It is easy to do; you can do it everywhere while you are working, walking, seating or any other way. No one will notice that you are doing exercise.

This simple exercise will significantly improve the vaginal health, but it will also increase your sexual desire as well as intensify your orgasms no matter whether you’d gave birth or not.

Healthy nutrients
There is also natural ways to improve your libido and increase desire completely naturally. Besides previously mentioned exercises, you can also add some vitamins and minerals to your daily nutrition and they will do the miracle.

Zinc is a mineral that has amazing impact on the health of your reproductive organs and can significantly boost your desire for intercourse. You can add more of this mineral by increasing the intake of zinc rich foods as sea food, eggs, cheese, white meat, lentils, etc.

Magnesium is a mineral that keeps the normal hormonal balance in the organism and improves durability, sensibility and excitement during intercourse. Leafy green vegetables, nuts, cereal, bananas are some of the best food sources of magnesium.

Calcium has the role in intensity of orgasms especially in women. Food rich in calcium is dairy products, leafy green vegetables, legumes, nuts and dry fruits.

Arginine is amino acid that is also important for healthy reproductive organs and you can get it to your body by adding more protein rich food like turkey, chicken, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, peanuts etc.

Vitamin C will boost your libido and strengthen the reproductive organs. You can find it in citrus, mango, berries, peppers etc.

Personal care
To keep your vagina healthy you need to take good care of it. Always wear cotton underwear because synthetic fabric can cause irritation, sweating and bad smell. Use shampoo for intimate care and wash the lady parts regularly. Don’t use tampon for longer than recommended and engage in physical activity that will make you feel better and also increase your libido . Regular intercourse will help the vaginal muscles stay in good shape and make the walls flexible.


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