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Blood type is classification of the blood according to presence of antigens in the membranes of the red blood cells. They can be protein, carbohydrates, glycoprotein or glycolipids. There are 4 groups of blood types A, B, AB and 0.

There are so many different studies and researches that prove the importance of the blood type, as well as the characteristics it brings with it. Some of the most recent researches even show that blood type can affect the way you are more exposed to various kinds of diseases, health conditions as well as the advantages.

A blood type
People with this blood type are considered with higher risk to stomach cancer, especially women with A blood type that smoke and drink. Women with this blood type are losing their fertility in older age and can get pregnant when they are older. Scientists believe that there is a link between A blood type and tendency for alcoholism as well as obsessive compulsive disorder.

B blood type

People that have B blood type have higher risk of pancreas cancer. They also are prone to problems with memory, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in older age. It is also believed that those who carry blood type B have slowed down immune system so their body can’t react well on bacteria caused infections so they find it hard to deal with inflammations and ulcers. Blood type B are people that have fast metabolism, their body reacts on exercise very well and they can easily build all wanted muscles.


AB blood type
Women that carry this blood type are at higher risk of ovarian cancer as well as developing preeclampsia during pregnancy. People with AB blood type have increased risk from heart diseases, heart attack, as well as digestion problems like gastritis. From the other side these people have the ability to deal with stress easier because their organism is able to withhold the level of cortisol on normal even after stressful events. They also are safe from sight problems and mostly have healthy eyes.

0 blood type
People with this blood type are at higher risk of Helicobacter pylori caused ulcers. They are also considered as more prone to cholera. Men with this blood type have problems with obesity while women lose the ability to get pregnant earlier than others. But these people have lower risk of heart attack and stomach cancer, malaria and also have good ability to deal with stress.


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