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There is incredibly big number of people that is dealing with lack of key nutrients in our organism. Lack of vitamins and minerals is the main cause of serious diseases and deficiency of vitamin A and D is lethal to millions of people all around the world in the past few years.

When our body gets lower amount of key minerals and vitamins that it should, our immune system is losing its ability to fight diseases, we lack energy, have problems with simple tasks that need to be done during the day.

When our organism lacks vitamins it usually sends warning signals so that we can see and react on time and try to ease the situation.

Our face is usually where we can see is there any vitamin that our organism needs so that it can function normally.

Look at your face carefully and learn to read the signs before it are too late.

Swollen eyes
Your eyes are swollen when you wake up in the morning? This is probably because you didn’t get enough sleep, but if this keeps repeating day after day you may need to see your doctor because swollen eyes may indicate that your organism is suffering from iodine imbalance.

Pale skin
If your skin starts to lose it complexion and it becomes pale then your organism probably needs higher amounts of vitamin B12 and best way to supply it is food that is rich in this vitamin.

Dry hair
If your hair becomes extremely dry you may be suffering from deficiency of vitamin B7 or biotin. What you need to do to solve this problem is to add food rich in biotin to your daily menu. This includes whole grain cereal, nuts as well as lentils.

Pale lips
When your lips suddenly lose their natural pink color and become pale it may indicate that the amount of iron in your blood is low. If this is followed with symptoms like tiredness and weakness in the body this is definitely iron you need. There are foods that are rich in iron that can easily help you deal with this situation.

Gum bleeding
If you are experiencing bleeding from your gums your body lacks vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C causes problems in your oral cavity as well as weakness in the body. Food rich in vitamin C can easily help with this condition.


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