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Depression is slowly getting a size of epidemic in the modern society. Our life is becoming so fast and we are more alienated from each other. There are so many situations that cause depressive feelings and stress. The feeling of sorrow apathy and emptiness is not strange to any of us.

Some of these feelings are hidden and we often can’t register them and do something to remove them.

Depression is a condition that can affect anyone. You need to be open about it, recognize the symptoms and chose a treatment so that you can effectively treat it.

Listed below are some symptoms of hidden depression that can help you recognize if you are dealing with this condition and try to find the best treatment.


Loss of interest
Every one of us has passion in life and if you suddenly lose the interest in it then something is surely wrong. Depression causes us to lose focus and enthusiasm we have when we are doing things that we are passionate about.  If you are depressed you will fast forget about your hobby, physical activity or spending time with people that are close to you. Depressed people are passive both in their private life as well as at work and this is probably first indicator of depression.

Eating disorders 
Eating disorders are very common symptoms of mental conditions as depression. Those disorders can be overeating and loss of appetite. People that are depressed usually can’t deal with their emotions and they start to suppress them with food and you just eat and eat even if you are not hungry. Other group of people becomes so overtaken by their emotions so that they completely forget about the food, don’t have appetite and don’t eat at all.

Sleep disorders 

Our mental health is linked to physiological processes. Depression can cause a person to sleep too much because he can run away from the exhausting feeling of sorrow in the sleep. This is one form of escaping reality and depressed people find it easier to run away from the problems rather to deal with them.  Chronic insomnia is also a kind of sleep disorder depressed people deal with.

Depressed people have the need to be perfect in everything they do and that can even become obsessive compulsive behavior because this is the way they think they can cover the way they really feel inside.

Depressed people always have excuse for everything they miss on. If they miss an appointment or a phone call they always know what they will tell you so they can excuse themselves. This becomes a template of their behavior toward other people.

Depressed people have obsessive compulsive behavior and this is probably because they have the need to keep everything under control and repeat everything by their schedule. If something causes them to give up on their schedule it can have fatal consequences on the person that is depressed.

 Sense of things
Depressed person always tries to search for deeper sense in everything he does. They also have highlighted emotions about everything that has to do with life and death. Some of these subjects can cause very stressful emotions to people that deal with depression.


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