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This amazing homemade salve can help you treat various diseases and skin conditions. It is easy to prepare and completely natural. You can use it to treat and heal disorders safely without any risk of side effects.

This salve is prepared with natural ingredients that have amazing benefits for human health. Their combination also has amazing benefit and healing powers.

To prepare this salve you need the following ingredients:

400 ml extra virgin olive oil (or any other herbal oil)
60 grams of natural bees wax
1 egg yolk from boiled egg (use free range egg).

How to prepare the salve:

Pour the oil in a pot and put the bees wax inside so that it can melt. When you notice something starts to pop put in a part of mashed egg yolk. When the mass starts to foam remove it from heat. When foam settles put it back on the heat. Keep mixing and then add the rest of the yolk. Cook until the mass becomes brownish and then remove it from the heat. Leave it to cool down for 20 minutes and then strain it through gauze. Store the salve in a glass jar. When it is completely cooled down close the jar and place it in a fridge. You can keep it like that for 10 months.


How to use the salve

You can use the salve to treat burns, wounds, hemorrhoids and toothache. In this case just apply the salve on the affected parts. Use the salve to strengthen your nails by rubbing it in on them.

Use the salve to treat sinus infections. First melt it down and put some drops in the nose. It will reduce the congestion and draw the secret on to it.

You can also use this salve to treat bronchitis as well as stomach ulcers. Eat ½ tablespoon of the salve 3 times a day before a meal.


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