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Selenium is micro element that has essential role for healthy organism. Our body doesn’t have the ability to produce it and therefore it is necessary to take it daily. Having in mind that it is micro element, we need very small amount of selenium from 50-80 micro grams depending on the age. The best way to provide our body with this mineral is healthy nutrition rich in selenium.

Selenium is powerful antioxidant. It protects the cells from oxidation and free radicals, preventing premature aging of the skin, muscles and brain. It can boost the immune system and also prevent cardiovascular diseases.  Selenium can improve the process of detoxification of liver and speed up expelling toxins from this organ. This mineral also helps production of hormones of thyroid gland. It can prevent gastrointestinal as well as prostate cancer. Selenium also can increase the fertility and mobility of sperms.

When our organism lacks selenium it is probably because unbalanced nutrition that lacks protein, we don’t eat enough fish or cereal. With our age and our health condition the need for selenium is changing and our body needs bigger amounts.

When our body lacks selenium, it starts manifesting on our health condition. Even though the signs of selenium deficiency are not really clear it can be noticed by some signs that can make you do a blood test and check the amount of selenium in your organism. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF SELENIUM DEFICIENCY


Immunity problems
If your body lacks selenium you will start to feel your energy drop and you will become sensitive to virus and bacteria. When you start struggling with colds to often and you feel you don’t have energy to do anything even though you sleep enough, there is big possibility because your nutrition lacks this essential element.

Hair and nail problems
Deficiency of selenium is linked to hair loss as well as discoloration of your nails as skin. your nails will become sensitive and brittle and when you feel these symptoms you better check the level of selenium in the blood.

Chronic tiredness is usually a symptom of deficiency of some nutritive compound such as selenium. When you feel tired even besides you get enough sleep you may be deficient to selenium.

Concentration problems
Lower amount of selenium in the blood can cause concentration problems, memory problems, or bad mood and it is also linked to anxiety and increased risk of depression.

Hypothyreosis can usually cause chronic tiredness, depression and weight gain. If you feel some of these symptoms it is recommended to talk to your doctor about selenium supplements you should add to your nutrition.

Researches show that selenium deficiency can also cause mental retardation, heart diseases, asthma, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid problems.


You can increase the amount of selenium by eating selenium rich foods. Brazil nuts are the best food source of selenium.  You can also find it in chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, tuna, salmon, oysters,  oats, barley, brown rice, sunflower and sesame seeds, broccoli, spinach, asparagus and whole grain bread.

Before you decide to use selenium supplements you need to talk to your doctor first because if you use additional amounts of selenium you need to control it parameters because excess amounts of this mineral can become toxic and cause various irritations.


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