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The food that we eat mostly affects our general health as well as the health of every organ in our body.  Every time you want to eat something it is good to know is that a potential threat to your health.

The health of your teeth also is determined by the food you eat. It may surprise you but we have listed below some foods that your dentist doesn’t want you to eat if you want your teeth to stay healthy.


Popcorn can cause gum inflammation, because there are some parts that can get stuck to between your teeth. If the popcorn doesn’t open well they are too hard and can break your teeth. FOODS YOUR DENTIST DOESN’T WANT YOU TO EAT

Dry fruits
Dry fruits are healthy, packed with vitamins and minerals, but they are also a threat for the health of your teeth. This is because of the extreme amount of sugar and because of the sticky structure that can get stuck to the teeth and cause caries.

Sweet coffee
Too much coffee with added sugar and cream can be real threat for your teeth. This is because the high amounts of sugar can disturb the work of the salivary glands in your oral cavity.

Almost all of the seeds need to be opened with the front teeth before you eat them which cause damages and cracks of the front teeth.

Lemon with warm water
Warm water with lemon really has amazing benefits for our health, but it can be harmful to your teeth. The acids from lemon can damage the enamel of the teeth and also harm the inner part of your tooth and make your teeth more sensitive.

Never eat ice! It is hard and it can damage the enamel and cause smaller cracks on your teeth but also more serious damaging.

Energy drinks
Energy drinks have low pH, high sugar content and are sour. If you use them in large amounts your teeth will be at risk of caries as well as damages of the enamel.

Sport beverages
These kinds of isotonic beverages are specially designed for fast re-hydration of sportsman. They really can recover electrolytes and nutrients in the body but they also are rich in sugar and can cause caries and damages on the teeth.

Bread with jam/peanut butter
No matter which combination you use they are both real danger to the teeth. Sticky and full of sugar they will cause caries if you don’t practice drinking a glass of water afterwards.

Canned fruits
Packed in sweet sugary syrup, canned fruits are not even close as healthy as fresh ones. They are not healthy, and if you eat them often may damage your teeth.

Gummy candy
Candy of this kind should be avoided because they can get stuck to the teeth and gums and the longer it stays stuck the amount of caries causing acids will increase.


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