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Lactose is a kind of complex sugar that is found in milk. In order to digest lactose human organism needs proper kind of enzyme that has the ability to dissolve the lactose into simple sugars. This enzyme called lactase is produced in the human organism. If there is lack of lactase, the lactose cannot be digested and it is just stored in the colon where it starts to ferment, causing acids and gases.

This condition usually occurs without us knowing because the organism produces bigger amounts of lactase at first and then the amounts just become lower and the disease just starts showing symptoms.

You may feel pain in the stomach after you drink a glass of milk but it doesn’t mean that you have lactose intolerance. But if you feel sick to your stomach every time after you eat a dairy product or something that contains milk it is almost certain that you have intolerance to lactose.

It is a fact that the number of people that suffer from this disorder is rapidly increasing and it is important to know about possible symptoms so that the disorder should be treated properly.


Bloating and gas
If you start feeling your stomach is bloating about an hour after you drink a glass of yogurt your digestive system is signaling you that it can’t deal whit lactose. The fact that your organism lacks lactase that will dissolve milk sugar will make the “good bacteria” in yogurt will try to dissolve the lactose that will make gas inside your stomach and it will start to bloat.

Stomach pain
When the presence of lactase in the digestive system is low then our body is trying to deal with the problem of dissolving lactose on its own. It is bringing large amounts of water in the bowels and that is the reason you feel gas, cramps and pain in the abdomen.

There are more levels of lactose intolerance and the symptoms also change in different level. People that suffer from higher level of lactose intolerance suffer from more intense symptoms such as sickness and vomiting after they use some kind of dairy product.


If you feel you are intolerant to lactose, you need to see your doctor and do a blood check that will give you the right result. In the meantime stop using product that contain lactose until you get the final results.


Even when you are diagnosed with lactose intolerance you are allowed to eat up to 6 grams of lactose which is ½ glass of milk. It is recommended you eat it in smaller doses in few meals. Those with more serious level of intolerance should not use it or take lactase supplements so that they avoid complication.


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