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Common cold is a health condition that some of us don’t take seriously. It is not just cough, tiredness and nose secretion, common cold can be caused by over 200 different viruses all causing various symptoms of your health condition. There are different aspects and ways people are treating common cold but there are few interesting facts about this health condition that you probably need to know about.


Fever and constant feeling of cold is a part of every cold. Although science is not yet sure are low temperatures affecting the virus that causes cold we can say that the disease is more resistant during winter when we spend more time inside and we are closer to people that are potentially carrying the virus.

One of the mechanisms human body uses to fight cold is increased level of secretion from the nose. This is because increased secretion will remove the virus from the body mechanically. 10 FACTS ABOUT COLDS YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT

We may think that we are immune to common cold but average adult gets cold 2-3 times a year while a child may get it more than 8 times. This may mean that we get cold more often than we should.

There are varieties of theories about the best remedy that can treat common cold. It is proven that rest and good night sleep is the best medication that can help you treat cold. Rest can help your body to recharge and refill with energy in the fight against viruses that is exhausting.

Sleep position

When you have cold don’t sleep on your back. This is mostly because of gravity, because when we are sick the secretion from the nose leaks to the throat and causes irritation and cough.

Scientific research that was conducted proved that patients that were treated by nice and emphatic doctors healed faster. Therefore empathy can surely help in dealing problems as cold. Take care of your close people that are dealing with common cold and make sure they know you are supporting them all the way; it will sure help them heal faster.

Homemade soup
According to science homemade soup can relieve cold symptoms. This is because our body sure needs water but it also is in need of salts and electrolytes that are present in the soup and that help the body to deal with the cold.

Vitamin C
You need to know that vitamin C is not a remedy for cold. It surely can help you protect your body from diseases, but you need to take it regularly and not only during the time you are dealing with the cold.

Zinc is a mineral that has important role for our health. Recent studies showed that zinc can also help dealing with symptoms of common cold. Try zinc if you think that you can’t get rid of cold symptoms without use of some remedy.

Wash your hands as often as you can when you are dealing with cold. The virus can be present outside the body for more than 24 hours so wash your hands with soap and warm water more often, especially when you eat.


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