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Losing the sense of hearing is a condition that is usually linked with the process of aging. It is very common condition that affects about 35 percent of older population. The loss of hearing occurs in stages during which the intensity of the problem just goes deeper and the persons hears less.

Most common causes that are linked to losing hearing are genetics as well as the exposure to loud sounds that a person experiences during the lifetime and that are causing permanent damages inside the ear. When your ears are stuffed with ear wax, it can also affect your hearing.

Besides one most obvious symptom that will indicate that you are having problems with hearing which is you noticed that you don’t hear well, there are more subtle symptoms that can indicate that you have problems with your sense of hearing and you slowly losing your hearing.


Buzzing or ringing
Even though around you is complete silence you hear sounds of buzzing and ringing in your ears. This condition can occur in younger people especially after listening to music that is too loud or use of headphones.  Hearing sounds in your ears may indicate to damage of the ear nerve and is a condition that requires medical treatment.

Loosing balance
The inner ear is the organ that is responsible for the balance of our body. It sends signals to our brain and it helps us keep straight. When the inner ear is damaged, the signals may not get to the brain and we lose balance, become clumsy and fall a lot.

Human memory is based on hearing, at least the bigger part of it is. It is harder to remember something that you can’t see it. If you notice that you are forgetting things it may be because you are losing your hearing. When we don’t hear well our brain needs extra energy to process the sounds get to us and it affects the process of thinking and remembering.

The sounds that get to our ears can be irritating but not painful. But if you feel that sounds that are too loud cause pain to your ears this is because you are losing your hearing. When this happens our ear loses the ability to process all the sounds and those that are too loud are causing pain in the ear.


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