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There are so many people that are used to ignore cough or treat it on their own. A lot of them don’t even know what cough is and besides just a reflex of our body, cough can be symptom of very dangerous health conditions.

If the cough is persistent and it lasts for longer period, then the body signals that something is wrong. The body warns you that it is fighting against something that is bothering it.

Productive chesty cough is definitely serious warning and you shouldn’t ignore it because it will not just go away, but it can also warn that something dangerous might be happening with your organism.

Bronchitis is usually caused by virus but it also can be as increased presence of bacteria. The mucus membrane creates increased amounts of phlegm so that it can deal with the infection. When there is too much phlegm present it can easily go down to the lungs and it is when the cough intensifies and is usually linked with phlegm and mucus.

Asthma is very common lung disease that is followed with productive cough, and increased amount of mucus and phlegm.

Sinus infection

Infection of sinus is one of most common cause of mucus and phlegm. The mucus membranes of the sinus are filtering the sinus area from harmful particles usually by increasing the amount of mucus that blocks the way of those particles to the lungs. When the amount of mucus is increased it can easily drop to the lungs and disturb their function.

Pneumonia is another health condition when secretion of mucus is a defense mechanism.  Pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, virus and yeast infections of the lungs. Besides cough that is productive it is also followed with heavy breathing and fever. COUGH IS A SYMPTOM OF DANGEROUS HEALTH CONDITIONS. DON’T IGNORE IT!

People that are allergic to pollen, dust, and similar particles that are transported through air are usually also dealing with increased amount of secretion in the lungs that is causing cough.

Smoking causes harmful effects on whole organism. There is enormous number of smokers that have no idea why are they dealing with frequent productive cough. This is because cigarettes contain chemicals that cause secretion and mucus to settle in the lungs and since our organism has to get rid of it cough is the best way.

It is not important what the cause is, it is necessary to go and visit your doctor, especially when the cough is prolonged and it will not improve.


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