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Colon cancer slowly becomes one of the most frequent forms of cancer both in woman and men. The number of patient’s increases by year and it can end up fatal in huge percent.

As deadliest disease cancer is a subject of research of medical science all around the world. We are being warned every day about the things that will increase the risk of cancer, about how to prevent it.

One of the most common causes of cancer, colon cancer especially is bad nutrition that doesn’t contain healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as essential nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. fast food as well as food that is packed with sugar and trans fats is probably the main reason for colon cancer. THIS 2 INGREDIENT DRINK WILL PROVIDE PROTECTION AGAINST COLON CANCER

Latest scientific research proved that there is a thing that is very effective in treating colon cancer and can also be used as effective protection against the disease.

Yogurt with broccoli is the latest discovery of a group of medicine experts that conducted a lab experiment treating colon cancer with broccoli yogurt. They discovered that this remedy effectively destroyed 75 up to 95 percent of lab grown tumors.

Even though it was tested on other kinds of tumors such as stomach and breast cancer, it did not show any results compared to colon cancer.

This is probably because broccoli contains a compound called sulforphane that is very effective in treating cancer cells and from the other side is yogurt full with pro-biotic the good bacteria that are able to keep the normal balance in the digestive organs.

This mixture can help you in prevention of colon cancer and can also treat cells that are not surgically removed and that are usually the reason for chemotherapy.

Keeping the natural balance in the digestive system will also normalize and ease the process of digestion, improve the absorption of nutrients and also speed up the process of defecation. The digested food will be thrown out of the organism faster, your bowels and colon will be free and protected from formation of cancer cells.

Just take a glass of yogurt and a piece of broccoli, blend it well and use it regularly. It will keep you fit and healthy.


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