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Human body is complex mechanism and there are so many things included to make everything work as it should.  But even when everything seems like it is all well-arranged and balanced something unexpected happens that may indicate that the organism is out of an important supply.

Minerals are one of the most important nutrients that participate in the work of the organism. Their lack may lead to serious complications and cause various changes in our health condition.

Zinc is an important mineral that contributes in most of the vital body functions. Zinc activates over 300 body enzymes that are needed for the biochemical reactions, synthesis of proteins and hormones. But lack of zinc is a problem that over a third of world population is dealing with. It is most common problem in people that practice vegetarian or vegan nutrition as well as people that drink too much alcohol and those that have psoriasis.


When your body lacks zinc your immune system will be the first one to suffer. You may start to deal with frequent colds, slow wound healing, tiredness, low libido. There are also other symptoms of zinc deficiency that you can literally see on your body. Listed below are some of the most common.

Hair fall 
Zinc is a mineral that is crucial for cell multiplication and it also improves the absorption of proteins. These two factors are the key to healthy and strong hair and therefore the first thing that you will notice when your body is in need of zinc is losing significant number of hairs.

Weak nails with white spots
White spots or the nails are one of the most obvious signs of zinc deficiency. If your nails grow slow, they break and are brittle you may need to add some zinc to your nutrition because healthy nails and their growth is linked to stable level of zinc in the blood.

Oral cavity problems
Zinc is present in the teeth enamel as well as saliva. When your body lacks this mineral you will notice your teeth losing their natural white color, your taste changes, gums are inflamed often and ulcers in the mouth appear.

Mouth herpes
If herpes starts to appear on your mouth too often it is the right time to start treating yourself with zinc rich food because it is the only way you will permanently solve this problem.

Acne, freckles and skin problems
People that suffer from zinc deficiency are usually affected with acne; deal with skin that is too sensitive, with freckles and small wounds that take time to heal.


Human body is not able to store this mineral and we need to take it in every day. Best way to give your body all the zinc it needs is through zinc rich food.

If you are vegetarian or vegan you may need supplements because red meat is the best way to supply your body with this mineral.


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