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If you are a woman then you know that a visit to the gynecologist is not a pleasant experience. Some women are very preoccupied with this examination that it makes few days before and after the checkup real hell.

You start thinking about waxing, showering, and you plan it all. When you get there you start thinking did you needed to go to the bathroom, the examination chair is not comfortable at all, you are cold and so stressful that you even start thinking nonsense like what is he/she doing there so long. Because it seems that the checkup is lasting so long probably because of the stress.

You should probably slow down and stop obsessing about all this because the doctor is just doing the job that he is paid for. And you need to stop stressing about the checkup that much because it is the same as any other.

Gynecologists were interviewed and there are some conclusions about what they want all the women to know but will not tell them. Keep reading to put an end to the stressful experience of going to see the gynecologist.



You don’t need to be waxed for the examination
When you make an appointment with your gynecologist, believe it he will not even notice weather you are completely waxed or you have hairs all over. He/ she will not even notice the things that are not important for the checkup.

Don’t obsess with the smell
The doctor will not be that concerned with the smell coming from the vagina. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of the hygiene of your intimate parts. But for the checkup he/she will notice if your feet or socks are smelly because they are closer to the nose.

Don’t cancel the checkup if you have menstruation
Menstrual bleeding is not a reason to cancel the appointment with your gynecologist. You may need to consult with your doctor to see whether he can do the PAP or the smear test, other than that menstrual bleeding is not the reason to cancel because if there is something that gynecologists don’t mind it is blood.

Tell about the itch, tell it all
Some women are uncomfortable describing the way itchiness is or what place exactly it appears at, but those are the details that your gynecologist will need so that he/she can make the right diagnose and determine what tests will be used. Itchiness is usually linked with irritation or yeast infections but it can also point to other problems so you don’t need to feel ashamed and tell your gynecologist everything.

Your gynecologist will not be shocked by any detail of your sex life
Gynecologist usually see more than you can think of in their career, so be open about your sex life, tell the number of partners, what is your sex life like, what do you prefer in bed? Tell it all because it will be easier for the doctor to discover the potential problem you have.

They all have favorite contraception
There are many ways of contraception but not all are suitable for you.  Your gynecologist will be the one to help you to choose the best. Even though most of them prefer copper coil because of it high efficiency and low side effects, it may not be the case for you.


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