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There are so many women in the world that are struggling with cervical cancer. It is a disease that doesn’t show clear symptoms and therefore is very hard to be noticed during early stages. Cervical cancer can also be diagnosed with a help of PAP or smear test and it is recommended to women to do this checkup once a year as prevention.

Even though cervical cancer doesn’t show any clear symptoms, there are some of signs your organism will send that may indicate that you may be dealing with this dangerous disease.

Women that are not living healthy and once that smoke or smoked before are increasing the risk of cervical cancer and are prone to this disease.

Even if you feel one or more of these symptoms it doesn’t mean that you have cancer. What you need to do is make an appointment with your gynecologist immediately so that he can determine the real cause behind these symptoms.


Pain in the pelvis
Cervical cancer may be symptomized with mild or severe pain in the pelvis area. If you start noticing pain in the pelvis area and you are sure the menstrual cycle is not causing it then you have to make sure you get a checkup fast and discuss the issue with your gynecologist.

Pain during sexual intercourse
There are so many women that are dealing with pain during sexual intercourse and it can be caused by so many things. But if you feel pain that is new to you see your doctor so that you make the necessary examinations and determine the reasons behind this sudden pain.

Swollen and painful legs
If your feet are swollen and hurt a lot you then may be dealing with cervical cancer in advanced stage. Make sure you get examined because it is necessary to discover the real reason behind this symptom.

Bone fractures
When cancer starts spreading and growing it may affect the condition of your bones and make them fragile and breakable.

Weight loss
When you start losing weight and you are not dieting or you didn’t change anything in the way you eat you need to find the real reason. If sudden weight loss is a situation you are dealing with and it is followed with another of these symptoms see your gynecologist just in case.

Post menopause bleeding
Vaginal bleeding in women in menopause is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. It is very important to get checkup and determine the real reason behind this health condition.


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