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Your brain is like a control center of the organism. It has very important roles in controlling the body functions. Having in mind that our brain has very important role in the normal functioning of the organism, we need to keep it healthy and in good shape so that it does it work properly.

You need to know that there are some things we are used to doing every day, and they are harming our brain. Even though it seems that some of our habits don’t have anything to do with it, they are directly linked to the brain.

We have listed some things people usually do every day that are causing permanent damages to the brain, and you need to stop them immediately.

Skipping breakfast
We keep repeating that breakfast is the key to healthy nutrition, but there are so many people that have the habit of skipping breakfast because they think it can help them lower the level of sugar in the blood. Skipping breakfast will just damage the brain because you will not give it all needed nutrients it needs after the rest during the night. 10 THINGS THAT MAY PERMANENTLY DAMAGE YOUR BRAIN

Lack of sleep
If you are dealing with sleep problems or don’t sleep enough this may cause your brain cells to start dying faster. Good sleep is important because it can help your body recover after one day packed with stressful activities and therefore you have to do your best and give your body at least 6 hours of proper sleep.

Too much sugar
Sugar is among the ingredients in so many packed products that we use every day. If you eat too much sugar your body will lose the ability to absorb healthy nutrients from the food and cause obesity and brain damaging. You can try to stay away and limit the amounts of sugar you are giving your body in order to keep it healthy and prevent serious damaging of your brain.

If you have the tendency to overeat it will make you bloated and cause weight gain. But overeating may also blockages in the arteries that are supplying your brain with nutrients and oxygen, that later lead to damages.

Smoking is a killing habit. It has variety of harmful effects on your organism. Smoking also causes the brain to shrink and increases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Covering the head
If you are used to cover the head while you sleep, don’t do it! It may sound strange but when you cover your head you lower the amount of oxygen that gets to your organism. It may also cause lack of air and vertigo, and increase the amounts of carbon dioxide that you are breathing in.

Rest while sick
It is not strange when doctors say that you need to lie down and relax while you are sick. It is one obvious signs that your brain is in desperate need of rest. Therefore take a few days of when you are sick so that you give your body to recover properly otherwise you may cause permanent damage to your brain.

Believe it or not talking can improve the development and grow of your brain. Intellectual conversations will strengthen and improve the functioning of your brain.

Lack of motivational thoughts
Thinking has amazing effect on your body. Motivational thoughts can rapidly influence the functioning and the condition of your brain.

Air pollution
Your brain needs high amounts of oxygen to function properly. When the air is polluted the amounts of oxygen that get to your brain are significantly lowered. You can try to do something to help with this issue because air pollution is a present matter in the modern society.


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