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Everyone that usually has a lot of activities during a day struggles with lack of energy as the day passes away. If you are struggling with energy loss during the end of your work day, that doesn’t mean that you need to reach out for energy drinks right away. There is another smarter way to keep your energy levels up and it is with healthy nutrition.

With healthy combinations of proteins, healthy fats and carbs you will give your body the proper amount of nutrients it needs and energize it fast.

There are many foods that can give you instant spikes of energy without just rising your blood sugar levels in the blood.


These nuts are rich in vitamin B7 that helps the body to make energy from food. Just a handful of almonds will serve like instant energy shot and rise up your energy fast.  But be careful and don’t exaggerate with almonds because they are rich in fats and contain high amount of calories. 6 FOODS TO EAT IF YOU NEED ENERGY BOOST

Free range beef is rich in iron. Iron is a mineral that will help you remove tiredness because it helps the body to hold on to higher amounts of oxygen and transport it to every cell in the body. When the body cells get more oxygen they can create more energy.

Oatmeal is perfect choice for breakfast because it can rise up your energy levels thanks to the amounts of calcium, fiber and proteins it contains. Combine it with yogurt instead of milk and you will get rich breakfast that will energize you and prepare you for your work day.

Eggs are perfect source of protein, iodine, vitamins B6 and B12. They will feed you up and keep you full during the day but also fill you up with energy. It will be much healthier choice to eat a boiled egg instead of cup of coffee every time you need energy spike.

Free range chicken is also amazing source of coenzymes that contribute in process of producing energy from food. It will energize you and also benefit your vital organs.

A cup of fresh spinach will give you just the right amount of magnesium and minerals that your body needs to produce all the necessary energy it needs.


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