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Liver is the organ that is responsible for the detoxification of the organism. It works hard every day and most of the time it is under a lot of stress because of problems it has during the process of neutralizing the toxins.

Liver filtrates the blood by transforming dangerous toxins in a waste that our organism can expel. When some toxins are too complicated to be transformed they are stored in the fat deposits, until they get their turn to be filtrated one more time and expelled out of the body.

If our liver is not able to expel larger amounts of toxins it is unable to work right and our body is filled with toxins that cause variety of diseases.

Our body will show various signals that the liver is not working right, listed below are the most common.

When the liver is not functioning properly it is not able to filtrate the blood as it should. This may cause toxins to get to the brain and cause confusion, memory problems and problems in decision making. 6 SIGNS YOUR LIVER IS NOT WORKING RIGHT

Low blood sugar level
Liver regulates the level of sugar in the blood. If the liver function is not proper the amount of sugar in the blood may drastically drop. After the meal the liver releases the glucose in the bloodstream. When it is not working normally, the liver can’t release stuffed glucose and it level in the blood will suddenly drop. This situation is linked to symptoms like vertigo, dizziness, concentration problems, and nervousness.

Hormonal misbalance
One of the many important functions of the liver is to regulate the level of hormones in your body. Improper functioning liver can  be a reason for unbalanced levels of estrogen and testosterone. This leads to secondary problems such as lowered libido and extreme symptoms of PMS.

Mood swings
Your mood is basically lined with the condition of your brain. When toxins rich to the brain they can affect your memory and lead to mood swing. Unproper liver function also causes anxiety and depression. If you are constantly experiencing these kinds of problems, check your liver before you decide to take sedatives.

Sleep apnea
Sleep apnea is a condition when the breathing stops for more than 10 seconds. In some cases the airways are blocked even 2-3 minutes. These symptoms can happen half of the time you spend sleeping. This disorder usually causes snoring and it is important to get your liver checked before you start any treatments on your own.

Immunity problems
People that are sick most of the time believe that the reason for their condition is lack of vitamins. But the real reason is the immune system that is linked to proper functioning of the liver. Strong and properly functioning immune system can fight bacteria and viruses and healthy liver is key to it.


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