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Sex is one important part of human nature. There are many benefits that human body gets during the moments of intimacy. Besides it makes us feel good it also improves the mood.

But believe it or not, sex also has amazing range of benefits for our health. This happens because during the act of lovemaking, human body goes through amazing range of biological changes and releases incredible numbers of hormones that can help treatment of various health conditions and diseases.

Heart diseases
Regular sex can help your heart function well. According to experts, if you have intercourse regularly you will drastically lower the risk of heart attack and other serious heart diseases. sex is considered as mild exercise that improves heart health as any other workout does. DISEASES AND HEALTH CONDITIONS THAT CAN BE CURED SIMPLY BY HAVING SEX

Sex can help you treat all kinds of chronic pain and headache also. So next time your head aches, just go for it. Sexual activity helps releasing oxytocin as well as endorphins. They are very important hormones that help the body relax and the pain will go away.

Lovemaking does function as a natural anti-depressant because it can improve your self-confidence and it is good way to beat depression.

Sex can get you to a condition of total relaxation and release all the tension which is the best way to deal with insomnia. Sex before you go to sleep will help you deal with insomnia and sleep better.

Urinary incontinence

Regular sexual activity strengthens up the pelvis and it helps you deal with urinary incontinence because when the muscles are stronger the less chances are of unwanted leaking.

Well if you don’t believe sex can also help you deal with flu. It is one amazingly natural way to help you get rid of flu symptoms because you will get instant relief of the pain in the muscles and because your immune system also has benefits from sexual activity.

Pain and inflammations
Sex is perfect solution if you want to relax perfectly. Sexual activity is natural way to relax tightened and inflamed muscles as well as joints.

Dry skin
Regular sex will improve the quality and health of your skin. Sweating will speed up the process of expelling the toxins from your body which is key to healthy and beautiful skin.

Prostate health
Regular sexual activity can significantly lower the risk of prostate cancer which is one of the most common kinds of cancer in men.

Breast cancer
Lovemaking is one way of natural shield that can protect you from breast cancer same way as it protects you from prostate cancer. Sexual intercourse stimulates the breasts and releases the hormone oxytocin that protects and lowers risk of breast cancer.


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