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As we age the condition of our blood vessels changes: they lose their elasticity, become weaker and as a result of that the circulation will weaken also. This situation can become worse as a result of bad nutrition and inactive lifestyle.

Fortunately this is a situation that can be solved simply, all that you need to do is activate and pick some kind of physical activity and add few foods to your everyday menu. You will feel improvement in your condition with the circulation and your blood vessels very fast.


As our body is mostly made of water, it needs certain amount of this essential liquid in order to function normally. To normalize your blood flow you need to drink at least 1,5 liters of water daily. SPEED UP YOUR CIRCULATION AND IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF YOUR BLOOD VESSELS NATURALLY

Chili peppers
Any way you can eat chili peppers they will have amazing effect on your circulation and health of your blood vessels. Weather it is fresh, dry, minced, chili peppers will instantly cause extreme hotness on your tongue, and it will cause sudden blood flow in the capillaries which will show on your face.

Wheat sprouts
Start adding wheat sprouts in your cereal, salad, sandwich and any other food. They are amazing source of vitamin E which is essential for the health of your blood vessels because it has the ability to strengthen them and enable your blood to flow through normally.

Ginger is one of the best natural ways to improve the blood flow. it has the ability to heat you up from the inside. You can use it as a bath, add ginger powder in your tea or prepare ginger tea. This drink will fast relax blood vessels and improve the blood flow, and it will make you feel warm and pleasant.

Basil is another plant that has amazing effect on the circulation. You can prepare basil tea, by soaking 15 grams of dry basil leaves in one liter of boiling water for an hour. After it you can strain and drink. You can also use basil essential oil by adding 5-6 drops on a sugar cube.

Rosemary wine
Add a handful of rosemary leaves in a liter of quality red wine. Let it stay for a week shaking it well 2-3 times a day. Strain and drink 100 ml twice a day: in the morning on empty stomach and before your lunch. Use it regularly for a month in order to feel improvement.


There are also various natural remedies that can be used to improve the circulation and improve the health of your blood vessels. Here is one of the most famous tonics you can prepare on your own.

You need 50 grams of calendula flowers, 100 grams of yellow St. John’s worth, 100 grams of nettle, and 100 grams of mountain germander and a liter of high quality vodka. Chop well the plants and place them in a glass jar. Pour over a liter of vodka. Let it rest for 3 weeks occasionally shaking it. After resting period strain the liquid and drink a tablespoon of the tonic every morning and evening.  You will feel improvement after just two weeks of regular use.


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