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Holiday season is at its peak. During holiday time we are surrounded by all kinds of food and we almost don’t do anything except seat around and eat.

And if you manage to get through the year without gaining some of those deposits on fat on your body, you should not let that success be ruined during season of holidays.

Did you spend past year eating healthy food, taking care how many calories you put in your body? Did you managed to find time to exercise regularly? If you did then you probably have good figure that you are satisfied with, and don’t let few meals and drinks ruin it.

What you need is a good plan and strong will to go through the season of holidays without getting weight.


Water and water rich food will give you the feeling of satiety and properly hydrating the organism. Foods that are rich in water are also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and they lower bloating that is caused with processed food. A glass or 2 glasses of water before a meal will help you eat less and prevent overeating.  It is important to drink plenty of water so that you avoid tiredness and sickness that hunger may cause. Don’t drink cold water or drinks, because cold water can cause digestion problems and food that is not well digested may cause bloating and provoke hunger faster. You can drink a cup of warm tea without added sweeteners after a meal because it will speed up the digestion and improve absorption of nutrients. HOW TO GET THROUGH HOLIDAY SEASON WITHOUT GETTING WEIGHT?


Don’t just seat around during the holidays, you need to engage in some kind of physical activity so that you can keep your desired weight. Exercise will not just help you keep your weight; it will also improve your mood and help you sleep better. We all know that holidays are stressful and filled up with duties, half an hour of walking or bike ride will fill you up with energy and keep you up in good mood during holidays.


You need to be well prepared for the holidays especially if you struggle with overweight. You can prepare food you want to eat and take with you everywhere. You need food that is based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and sea food. Bringing your food with you doesn’t mean that you should not try other kinds of food, but sea food, vegetables and fruits should be the main food for you.

It really is easy. All you need to do is just think more about yourself and your health and good looks and don’t let few days of holidays ruin everything you worked hard to achieve during the past year. Eat smart so that you don’t spend next few months of the New Year repairing the damage.


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