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Everyone probably dreams about that perfect smile that will show your perfectly white teeth. Even though you probably think that the only way that you can get the perfect smile is professional treatment that is not true. You can achieve the professional results and get perfectly white teeth in your home using simple natural ingredients.

These treatments are cheap, easy to do and safe, and there is no way that they will harm and cause certain side effects.

Active coal
Active coal is very cheap and available. you need to crush one tablet of active coal, and just dip in your wet tooth brush and wash your teeth as you usually do but with the coal instead of toothpaste.

Powder milk with toothpaste
Powder milk also has the ability to strengthen up and whiten your teeth. Put some tooth paste on the brush and sprinkle some powder milk on top. Brush your teeth with this mixture and they will be amazingly white. 10 EASY NATURAL WAYS TO WHITEN YOUR TEETH AT HOME

Baking soda and lemon juice
Put a pinch of baking soda on your tooth brush and then add few drops of lemon juice, and brush your teeth with the mixture as you usually do. Your teeth will be white and shiny but you need to know that this treatment can be used just once a week and wash off well with water after the use.

Hydrogen peroxide
You can use hydrogen to whiten your teeth only if your teeth are not too sensitive. Soak a cotton pad in hydrogen and gently rub your teeth. Don’t use this treatment too often because it can ruin the enamel.

Baking powder and lemon juice

Mix a teaspoon of baking powder and teaspoon of lemon juice and brush on teeth. Hold it on the teeth maximum 2 minutes and then wash it off. It will make your teeth white and shiny.

Sea salt, lemon juice and toothpaste
Mix a teaspoon of sea salt with some lemon juice and toothpaste. Apply the mixture on the teeth and leave it on for a minute and then wash off with water.

Lemon juice and water
Mixture of same amounts of water and lemon juice will whiten your teeth and also clean the whole oral cavity.

Apple cider vinegar and water
Add ½ a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and rinse the oral cavity with this mixture every morning before you brush your teeth.

Mash ripe strawberries with a spoon and brush your teeth with the strawberry mash for a few minutes to remove the yellow stains from your teeth. You can use this treatment once a month.

Toothpaste, salt, baking soda and lemon juice
Mix a spoon of toothpaste, pinch of salt, some baking soda and few drops of lemon juice. Brush your teeth with this mixture for about 5 minutes. You will notice a change after just one treatment. You can use this treatment every 2 months.

NOTE: You can use just one of these treatments at a time; don’t use them all at the same time. Don’t use these treatments if you have sensitive teeth or any teeth problems.


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