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Palms are one of the most used parts of the body but most of us don’t take proper care of them, and sometimes don’t even look at them.  We use our palms to shake hands, take things, lift them up and down etc. our palms do so many different things during a day, they become dirty and then we wash them and the same thing again, but can you tell how many times during that day you will take a look at your palms.

You probably looked at them now. Well take a good look. See if everything is normal. Check out the condition of your skin, is it too dry or not, do you have any discolorations, pores that are too large? Do you notice anything that is not looking as it belongs there?

Your palms are as a mirror to your health condition. You can easily notice that something is going on inside your body only with a quick look at your palms.


The skin on your hands can be dry and cracked and it is very common condition especially in winter. But the skin will get back to it normal condition when you treat it with hand balm regularly. If you by any chance notice that even after regular treatments the condition on your skin does not improve, then it is recommended to make an appointment with your doctor because skin that is constantly dry can be a sign of cancer.


If you notice spots or bigger patches of skin that lost it natural color on your hands then you need to react fast because besides allergic reaction or just irritation this may also be a symptom of cancer.


Cancer can be a cause for bloating. No matter which organ it affects it can cause swelling on your hands and palms. If this symptom is followed with one or more of the symptoms listed above, then you need to see your doctor and get proper medical care on time.


Your hands and palms may ache if you have arthritis, or if you tired them doing some activity. But if you never had problem like this and suddenly you feel intense pain in your hands that can be followed with other symptoms mentioned before then it can be cancer. Cancer is characteristic by causing pain of different intensity in various parts of the organism and it is not necessary linked to the organ that is aching. See your doctor if the episodes of pain don’t lower intensity or stop.

Other symptoms we may overlook

The symptoms of cancer don’t just show on hands. Cancer can be also symptomized by sudden loss of weight, constant tiredness, persistent and irritating cough and hoarseness.


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