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Human body needs various vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy. Best way to supply it is healthy balanced nutrition. Food is the best medicine for human body and it needs to be treated that way. When you eat food that does not contain nutrients that are essential for health you will in time start facing different disorders in your health condition. All these are signs that something is not functioning right and that you must do something to fix it. Listen to your body and carefully read the signals it is sending you, because sometimes whatever you try to do it just can be too late.

Acne on your face is in many cases sign that your body lacks zinc. You may try treatments and crèmes, but it will be just a temporary solution. What you need to do is add zinc rich foods to your healthy nutrition such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, sesame seeds, peanuts, spinach. Your skin will soon heal and it will be healthy and shiny.

Acne can also be a side effect of hyperactive sebaceous glands. This happens when something is wrong with the immune system and it affects the work of the glands which increases the level of fat under the skin and the pores are stuffed which results in acne.

Frequent headache is a sign that you are dealing with magnesium deficiency. You can fix this problem only by adding magnesium rich foods to your menu on daily basis. SIGNS YOUR ORGANISM IS IN SERIOUS DANGER

Muscle cramps
This is a condition that is also linked to deficiency of magnesium. Besides adding magnesium rich food to your diet, try also hot baths in water that you add Epsom salts, because your skin will absorb the magnesium from the salt.

Brittle nails and/or dry hair
This is a sign you are suffering from vitamin B7 deficiency. Try eating more yeast, cheese, peanuts so that you can solve this problem fast.

Hair fall
If you are losing too much hair while you comb you may lack iron. Deficiency of iron may cause serious health disorders with your immune system as well as anemia so make sure you have leafy green vegetables and red meat more often.

White blisters
If you notice white blisters appearing on your joints and fingers you are not getting enough essential fatty acids. You can solve this problem only by eating more sea food, fish and nuts.

Tiredness is more a problem that is linked to psyche. Tiredness can cause depression, apathy and it is often linked to stress. You need to activate, walk or run. Hanging out with positive people will also help you because they can really affect your condition.

Vision problems
Our eyes are not protected from aging and they also can be in bad shape especially after years of bad nutritional habits. Processed food, insufficient physical activity as well as smoking or too much time spent in front of computer screen can affect the health of your eyes and weaken your vision. Enrich your nutrition with food that is beneficial for your eyes and it will help you keep your eyes healthy and your sight strong.

At times you feel like you are so heavy and your stomach feels like it is going to pop. This is because you are bloated and main reason is bad digestion or food intolerance. Lower the intake of salt and stay away from greasy fast food, pasta, coffee, alcohol, rice or carbonated drinks. Eat more vegetables but make sure they are cooked, as well as lighter meat, yogurt and green tea.


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