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Body odor that comes from arm pits is a result of accumulated bacteria and toxins that are easily multiplied because armpits are part of the body where it is sweaty and warm all the time.

Sweat is natural process, and it is a way that body uses to keep the water balance and prevent from overheating. Therefore sweating is a process that cannot be stopped what you can do is find a way to eliminate the unpleasant smell that comes with the sweat.

The body odor that comes from your armpits can be intense and unpleasant, and it is mainly because food you eat, unhealthy nutritional habits, use of certain medication, problems with hormones.

What you need to do in order to prevent the smell is shower regularly and clean well the armpit area. After you shower, dry well the armpits so that you can stay fresh longer. REMOVE BAD SMELLS FROM YOUR ARMPITS NATURALLY

Don’t wear clothes made of synthetic fabric because the smells will intensify. Natural materials like cotton and linen are the perfect choice for shirt

Spicy food can cause unpleasant smells so try to eat more neutral meals.

Stress can intensify the sweating because it causes the bacteria to grow and multiply faster.

Try removing the hair from the armpits and you will smell less and it will also make it easier to keep the armpits clean and fresh.

If your sweating problem is serious then you need to wash the armpits few times in a day.  You can do it in a sing of public bathroom and also at work. Try using antibacterial wet wipes which can also help with this situation, or also antibacterial hand wash can replace washing if you can’t get to a sink.


Baking soda
Baking soda is really effective in removing smell from armpits. Add some baking soda in small amount of water, dip a cotton ball and apply on clean armpits. If you are not at home dip wet fingers in soda and apply.

Add 3 tablespoons of dry chamomile in 1 liter of water. Cook for a while and then remove from heat and let it cool for an hour. Strain and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix until the baking soda is well dissolved. Pour it in a spraying bottle and spray few times a day. You can also dip a cotton cloth and wipe the armpits with it few times.

Sea salt
Add ½ teaspoon of sea salt in a 1 liter of water and mix until the salt is dissolved. Wipe armpits with this solution and then after an hour wash the solution with clean water in order to remove the salt.

Magnesium chloride
Dissolve 100 grams of magnesium chloride in 150 ml of boiled and cooled water and put in a spraying bottle. Spray under the arms every morning and evening and the smell will disappear.

NOTE: if you can’t remove bad smells from your body you may be dealing with some kidney or liver disorder and it is necessary to seek for doctor’s help.


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