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This health condition is common in children but it is characteristic because even if you heal it the virus will remain in the nervous stations and it can appear again mostly at times when your immune system is not working right.

If herpes appears on your lips it is a sign that your immune system is on the low, but it can also be linked to other diseases and health conditions.

Oral herpes can appear if you suffered heavy menstrual bleeding, after intense shock, stress, nervousness. It is very common when you suffer from high temperature. It usually appears on the same spot every time.

Herpes is very contagious so you need to be careful if you have it. Have in mind that you can give it to other people near you so you need to take good care and watch how you behave in order not to spread the virus. Herpes is especially dangerous for babies so don’t go too near to hug or kiss the baby if you are dealing with oral herpes.

Don’t share glasses or don’t kiss anyone in your family that once suffered from this virus.  You can also transfer the infection if you eat snacks from the same bowl so sharing snacks is out of question when you are with herpes on your lips.

How does it happens?

Few days before the herpes appears you may start to feel irritations or burning on the spot it is going to appear. Then the bubbles form and they may need some time to pop and then the yellow crust and wound appears. These stages happen within 7 to 10 days.

Oral herpes does not require any special medication or treatment. Have in mind that you will need to see your doctor if it starts to repeat often.WHAT IS HAPPENING INSIDE YOUR BODY WHEN YOU HAVE ORAL HERPES?

If you want to get rid of herpes faster you can use treatments that contain zinc or tea tree oil. You can also use garlic. Just take a clove cut in half and hold it up on the herpes for 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to rest as much as possible and stay away from stressful situations. Keep a smile on your face and stay happy and positive because it will help your body to produce more proteins that are beneficial in fight against this kind of infections.


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