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Magnesium is important mineral that is responsible for over 300 processes that are in human organism. It affects the immunity, blood pressure, metabolism and more.

Unfortunately, according to scientific researches, more than 90 percent of people don’t supply their organism with recommended daily dose of magnesium.

When your organism is not getting enough magnesium, it will start to send you signs and symptoms that will show you have deficiency of this mineral. If you notice some of the most common symptoms of magnesium deficiency then it is time you start to increase the dose of magnesium in your daily nutrition. If your organism lacks magnesium for longer period it may cause serious diseases.


A research that was conducted to confirm this subject noted that people that don’t lack magnesium in their blood also have normal blood pressure. The study also confirmed that women that have normal level of magnesium have 70% lower chances of developing hypertension. Parallel studies also noticed that magnesium supplements have the ability to lower the blood pressure.

Bone problems
Deficiency of magnesium can cause problems with bones. Magnesium and vitamin D improve absorption of calcium in the organism and assure healthy and strong bones.

Lack of magnesium causes stiffness in the muscles and it causes muscle or stomach cramps.

Calcification of the arteries is one of the most dangerous conditions caused by magnesium deficiency. It can cause various heart diseases and seriously increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Depression and anxiety
Magnesium is also included in main parts of the nervous system. it is also protector of NMDA receptor and it deficiency leaves it unprotected which results in damages and death of nerve cells. It is a problem that is very serious and it is very hard to repair once the cells are damaged. The damages of nerve cells can cause disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Chronic tiredness
Magnesium deficiency can significantly lower your energy levels and cause exhaustion and tiredness that are long lasting.

Hormonal problems
Lack of magnesium causes increased levels of estrogen and progesterone. It is main reason pregnant women have leg cramps. PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps are usually caused of deficiency of magnesium. This is why women have unexplained desire for chocolate during the PMS.

Deficiency of other vitamins and minerals
Magnesium is very important for proper absorption of other minerals and vitamins. If your body lacks this mineral it can also deal with lack of vitamin D and K, calcium and potassium.

Complications in pregnancy
It is recommended to use magnesium in order to have healthy pregnancy. It will protect the fetus, it will lower chances of cramps, high blood pressure, it will improve your mood and keep your hormones in balance.

Sleep problems
Magnesium is very important for the health of the neurotransmitter that enables the brain to get in the resting phase. This improves the quality of sleep, lowers chances of insomnia and helps the body to relax properly.


First thing that is usually the most effective is enriching your nutrition with food that is rich in magnesium. This way your organism will supply it needs and the level of magnesium will remain on the normal level.

Add foods like avocado, almonds, figs, banana, spinach, black beans, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate to your healthy diet.

You can also try applying magnesium solution on your skin because your body can absorb it through the skin. This way magnesium will go directly in the tissues and blood and improve the functioning of the kidneys.

You can also use magnesium supplements but you need to know that synthetic supplements have side effects and it is good to talk to your doctor before you decide to use some of them.


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