Lemonade is one of the most favorite drinks. It is not just lemon and water that you can use to make the best lemonade. You can also add different ingredients and get twists of lemonade with various health benefits.

You can add lavender to help you get rid of headaches and anxiety, add turmeric to fight depression, you can add charcoal to help detox and you can add chia seeds to get an amazing energy drink that will be perfect to start the day.

This kind of lemonade is real energy bomb for your organism, because it will make you feel instant wave of energy and strength once you drink it, and it will start speeding up the process of toxin elimination from the body.

To prepare this amazing drink you need following ingredients:

1 cup of water
Juice of one lemon

1 teaspoon of chia seeds
1 teaspoon of maple syrup or stevia (you don’t have to add sweetener to your lemonade).

Mix all the ingredients in bigger glass. Set the glass aside for about 10 minutes so that chia seeds can soak and start to release it gel and that way they become more beneficial for your body.

How this works

Lemon is a fruit with amazing benefits on human health. it is rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants that keep the organism fool of energy, awake and protected from the harmful effects. Lemon can effectively treat diabetes, symptoms of cold and flu, it deals with indigestion, constipation, kidney stones, hypertension, and is also beneficial for the beauty of your hair, skin and teeth. CHIA SEEDS LEMONADE TO ENERGIZE AND CLEAN YOUR BODY

Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and beneficial minerals and vitamins, as well as protein. It is very beneficial for the health of the heart, bones, immune system. Chia seeds are also good if you want to lose weight by helping you remove the belly fat that slows down the digestion. These seeds are natural energizer because they can increase the level of energy by the process of slow digestion of carbs. This also makes it beneficial for people that workout because it makes it more effective.


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