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Human body is amazing. It is linked perfectly in a perfect way and it is ready to inform you any possible way when it is missing something or something is not working right.

A metabolism is a complex of chemical transformations that occur within the cells in order to sustain one’s life.  Main purposes of the metabolism are conversion of food to energy, conversion of food to building material and elimination of waste.

When your metabolism is slow it is obvious sign that your organism can’t use all the food we give it to produce energy. If something like this happens your body will send signals. Look carefully and react if you notice some of these symptoms, especially if they show more at the same time.

These are some of the symptoms of slow metabolism 6 SIGNS YOUR METABOLISM IS NOT WORKING RIGHT

There are so many things that can be a cause of extreme tiredness such as lack of sleep, physical activity that is hard. But if you are tired often and it is not because some of previous reasons then your metabolism is slow. You are tired because your body cant process the food fast enough so you can get energy you need.

Dry skin and hair
Although dry skin and hair can be caused with improper nutrition, it can also be a result of slow metabolism. Slow metabolism is the reason the body can’t renew it cells and keep the skin and hair healthy and they become dry.

Sweets and starch
If you have constant cravings for sweet or starch rich food then it is obvious sign your body needs energy. If you eat healthy and sleep well and your organism still wants sweet food it may be a signal that your metabolism doesn’t digest the food you ate well and you don’t get enough energy.

You eat healthy but still gain weight
Our metabolism slows down as we get older and it is more difficult for older people to maintain healthy weight. But if you eat healthy and keep count of calories that you eat and still gain weight, it is obvious sign that your metabolism is slow.

You are always cold
Metabolism also supplies your body with heat, so if it is slow it is pretty normal that you have that constant feeling that you are cold. Slow metabolism is also the main reason you put so much blankets over you at night and you still don’t feel warm enough.

Mood swings
Your organism is suffering while digesting the food and you are almost always tired which makes you nervous and also causes sudden mood changes.



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