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Stress is a normal part of modern life. The fast way of living, work hours, unhealthy nutrition are leaving consequences on our health.  Although there is not a possible way to hide from it, you have to learn ways to get rid of it and protect your organism from the damaging consequences of stress.

If your body is exposed to enormous amounts of stress, it will start showing various signs. It is up to you to notice the signs and start to react and find the proper way to deal with the stress amounts your organism is exposed to.  Human body that is constantly under a pressure is absorbing the nutrients faster but not effective. This means that even though the organism is functioning fast the functioning is not as effective as it should be. The body is usually not able to absorb all necessary nutrients and that is the main reason it starts lacking vitamins and minerals.


When human organism is nonstop stressed it starts showing signs that are linked with deficiency of vitamins and minerals. If you notice some of these symptoms it is time to find the right defense mechanism that will help you effectively deal with stress and enable your body to start it normal functioning.

Cracked lips
Your lips will crack if you constantly lick them on wind and cold weather. But dry and cracked lip are also a symptom of organism that is overstressed.  When the process of digestion is speeded up and your body doesn’t get enough vitamin B 6 it will show on your lips.

Bruxism is a disorder of excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching that is one of the most common symptoms of stress. It can be a result of deficiency of vitamin B 5.

White marks on the nails
White marks on the nails are usually linked to calcium deficiency but experts also state that these marks appear as a result of body that is stuffed with stress and is unable to get all needed amounts of zinc it needs from the food that you eat.

Diarrhea or constipation
Lack of magnesium is usually linked to symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea. Disorders of digestive system are also one of the most common symptoms of stress.

Hard pimples on the arms and thighs
This hard and white pimples that usually appear on the arms and thighs are obvious sign that you are not getting enough vitamin E, because your body is under serious stress and cant supply you with needed amounts of this vitamin.

Frequent throat and lung infections
When your body is prone to infections it is a sign that your immune system is not working properly. If your organism is not getting enough vitamin A it will show in frequent infections of the respiratory organs.

Various scientific researches show that individuals that are exposed to stress usually are overweight and have problem with obesity.

If you notice some of these signs it is obvious that your body needs help and instant relief from stress.


But you also need to know that there is a group of scientists that consider that small amount of stress is good for your body. This is because the hormone of stress, or cortisol, can protect the aged cells of the body and prevent diseases as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.


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