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Fall is the start of the season of colds. This is the time when we need to start working fast in order to improve our immune system but we also need medication when the situation becomes worse.

Antibiotics are usual therapy for treating bacterial infections, but are also commonly prescribed therapy for many diseases. But as every synthetic medication, antibiotics also have wide range of side effects, and their abuse causes resistance so it is recommended to avoid them as much as possible.

As we all know nature is our best pharmacy and it hides the secret remedies to almost all diseases. They are effective and most of all without side effects.

Some of the most powerful natural antibiotics can be found in your kitchen so reach out for them when you need treatment you will be amazed by the power of nature.


Onions can lower the level of inflammation and treat infections. Onion contains strong active ingredient called quercetin, which has strong anticancer powers. It can treat various kinds of diseases because it is rich of effective active ingredients.

Garlic is known as one of the most effective natural antibiotics. It is rich in various antioxidants that can treat various bacterial as well as other infections. The main health benefits of garlic come from the active ingredient called alicin.


Cabbage is another strong antioxidant that can treat various diseases. Thanks to the high amount of vitamin C it can help in treating colds because a cup of cabbage will provide you with 75% of your daily needs for this vitamin.

Apple cider vinegar
Natural homemade apple cider vinegar also contains antibiotic and antiseptic powers. It can help lower cholesterol, lose weight and also treat infections.

Oregano oil
It can treat various bacteria caused infections because of high concentration of antioxidants. Oregano oil is good in treating cold, flu and diseases that occur in winter and can be pretty unpleasant.

Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper is one strong spice with amazing antibiotic powers. It is considered as one of the most powerful natural antibiotics that can treat various kinds of infections and diseases.

Saffron is another spice with amazing health benefits. It can be used to treat asthma, cough, pertussis, and it can also lose phlegm. Among this it also has another health benefits to treat insomnia, PMS symptoms, cancer etc.

Nature has it all, you only need to seek for the right king of natural antibiotic and find the easiest way to the complete recovery of your organism.


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