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We know a lot about apple cider vinegar and it is very helpful natural remedy that can treat various disorders, help people that suffer with diabetes and ones that are dealing with overweight.

Even though apple cider vinegar has wide range of uses and health benefits for human organism, there is information about this drink that are not true. So if you still decide to use it, you need to consult expert first and stick to the recommendations about the use, because if you take very big amounts of apple cider vinegar in the organism, then you may cause it various problems.


First thing you need to know that you should not drink more than 5 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one day. You can add it to your salad, meals, drink it dissolved in water, but don’t go over the recommended dose because big amounts of apple cider vinegar can cause irritations in the stomach and esophagus and destroy the enamel on the teeth. So no matter how healthy apple cider vinegar really is, it is also strong and it will destroy your health if you don’t use it right.

 Never on empty stomach

You should never drink apple cider vinegar on empty stomach because it contains acids that will irritate the stomach if it is empty. If you still decide to use it you need to eat protein rich breakfast and you will avoid pain and cramps that are caused by the acids that can be found in apple cider vinegar. You can use the vinegar with the meal or drink it dissolved in water after you ate, but never on empty stomach. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CAN DESTROY YOUR ORGANISM !NEVER USE IT LIKE THIS!

It is not detox agent

If you think that you can detoxify your organism only by drinking apple cider vinegar, it will not help much. Human body is mechanism that is able to do processes like detoxification on it own. Digestive organs, liver and kidneys will help the organism to absorb all it needs and they will throw out the rest. All you need to do is adopt healthy and balanced diet plan, apple cider vinegar is completely useless in the process of detoxification.

 Is apple cider vinegar probiotic?

Probiotics are also known as the good bacteria. They are beneficial for improving the health of digestive organs and good digestion. Apple cider vinegar is considered as probiotic because it passes through the process of fermentation that creates probiotics, enzymes and proteins. But these are the substances that are present in apple cider vinegar that is homemade and is not pasteurized, because they are completely destroyed with this process that is obligatory for all almost all brands that are sold in the stores.


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