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There is a general opinion among people that stroke is a condition that will only affect older individuals, but this is not true. Stroke can literally affect anyone, even those that think their health condition is perfect.

This is why anyone needs to be familiar with the symptoms so that they can react on time and get proper medical care.

Human body is a complex mechanism that can send signs that something is going on so that you can do something about that. But although if you are in good link with your organism and you carefully read all the warning signs there are some conditions called silent that will happen without any chance you notice them.

Silent stroke is a form of stroke that will occur without any symptoms that are associated with stroke and you probably will not be aware that you suffered a stroke but even though it is silent and without any visible symptoms, silent stroke causes damages in the brain and increases chances of major stroke in future.


Silent stroke will usually leave you with some symptoms that will help you determine that you suffered from this dangerous health condition and to seek proper medical care. 9 SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS YOU SUFFERED SILENT STROKE AND ANOTHER ONE MAY FOLLOW!

Blurred vision

Stroke is linked to vision problems. Silent stroke can lead to vision problems with both eyes, as almost 50 percent of people that suffered stroke state that blurred vision is one of first symptoms that you can notice.

Sudden headache

If you didn’t have any problems with headache in your life before and suddenly you are affected with intense and very frequent headache it may be good to visit a doctor. Sudden headache is very common symptom of stoke that usually occurs in women that are younger than 45 years.

Speech problems

Stroke can cause mild problems with speech. In many cases the patient that suffered silent stroke can have problems speaking or understanding others speech. The problems are usually minor but they can degrade and become more serious up to the point of complete loss of the ability to speak.

Balance problems

If you feel like you are losing balance or have problems walking, sudden feeling of weakness and you feel like you are not able to control your legs it is very probable you suffered silent stroke and you may be a victim of another one. Further symptoms that may occur are paralysis and complete collapse.

Pain in one part of your face

Pain is usually not a symptom of a stroke but if you experience sudden pain in one part of your face it can be very obvious sign that you are dealing with stroke.


Intense migraine can be leading symptom of silent stroke. Migraine is linked to stroke in other way. According to a scientific research people that listed intense headache during silent stroke were younger people that suffered from migraine in certain period of their life.

Face paralysis

One side of your face is paralyzed-this is one symptom that can only be linked to stroke and it is recommended to ask for proper medical care immediately.


Tiredness that is followed with confusion and disorientation is strong indicator that you suffered silent stroke. These are the symptoms that are more common in women but however they are serious warning that something is going on in your body.

Constant hiccups

This is also symptom that will appear in woman more than men but it is also strong indicator you suffered silent stroke. The hiccups are caused because stroke can damages the breathing center in the brain which causes the constant hiccups.


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