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Almost all of us are looking to keep the youthful appearance as long as possible and prolong appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

But believe it or not if you stick to the recommendations of the cosmetics industry, keeping youthful appearance will cost you a lot because skin care products can be pretty expensive.

But if we tell you that the best skin care products are actually closer to you and cheaper than you think. The best products to keep your skin fresh and young are found in your kitchen.

There are so many experts in the cosmetic industry that agree that people pay too much to have beautiful and youthful skin, especially because there are so many natural product that are cheap and so much more effective than branded cosmetic lines or cosmetic surgery.


One of the best natural skin care product is borage seeds oil. Oil produced from the seeds of borage or starflower. The oil is rich in gamma-linoleic acid which is in the group of omega 6 fatty acids and has strong anti-inflammatory powers. It will work amazing if you just apply it with gentle massage on the clean face. It will hydrate the skin better than any expensive cream. It is good in removing the wrinkles around the eyes as well the eyebrows. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties borage seeds oil is effective in treating skin conditions such as eczema.

Another one amazing helper to restore your youthful appearance is parsley. It is well known for its properties to remove toxins from the body and it can also be perfect product to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. Combine 3 teaspoons of parsley leaves with 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Mix it well in a blender until it becomes fine mass. Apply under the eyes and keep on for half an hour. Then wash off with warm water. NATURAL ANTI-AGING TIPS FOR YOUTHFUL SKIN

One thing that you have to be careful about is to use gentle skin care products. Don’t treat your face too often with strong and abrasive cleaners. If you wash the face with a treatment at night then wash it just with water in the morning. Use exfoliator twice a week and wash the face with green or chamomile tea after to soothe the skin. After you clean your face apply lipid based hydrating cream.

If your skin is dry it is more prone to aging because it lacks natural oils and water. To keep it in good shape use honey and avocado mask. Mix well half avocado and a teaspoon of honey. Apply it on the face and leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off with water or green tea.


If you want to restore youthful appearance then you also need to be careful what you eat. Yellow peppers have the property to hydrate the skin from the inside and outside and also remove wrinkles. Eggs contain proteins and help restoring collagen level that is directly linked to beautiful and healthy skin. An egg daily is what you need for healthy and young looking skin.  Whole grain cereal is rich in selenium and protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that soothes inflammations that cause  damages on the skin.


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